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by Lauren on September 16, 2014

one of the many things i love about blogging is the awesome community out there, especially in the midwest. for today’s post, i am participating in a ‘blog tour’ where i introduce you to several new bloggers that you should be following for the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. also what’s fun about this blog tour is i get to share a few things that i have been up to lately as well. enjoy!

Catherine from My Inner Fabulous asked me to participate in the blog tour. she is a Minneapolis life and style blogger and seriously has an adorable style. head on over to check out her fab style.




















now a few things that i have been working on lately.




















What am I working on?

lately, it seems the blog fun has been non-stop with emails galore for new opportunities (can’t wait to share!) and prepping for Kansas City Fashion Week which is right around the corner. i can’t wait to attend KCFW for the second time. i had so much fun the first time!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

CFG is all about killer style and fashion and inspiring the every girl to be the best version she can be, yet it also at times gets very real and serious. although i don’t use this blog for my personal diary, i do share a lot of ‘life’ whether its bad or good. i think it makes me standout from other blogs because i am so real with my readers, i hope you all can agree!

Why do I write/create what I do?

i have always been a writer and now that i work in the PR industry, sometimes its all i do. writing to me is calming. there is no pressure, it’s just letting the words flow on the page. blogging for me started as a creative outlet but has now morphed into a bigger part of me. i have made so many wonderful relationships that i couldn’t imagine stopping now.

How does your writing/ creating process work?

that’s a good question because sometimes its there and sometimes its not. i’ve noticed that since i am writing and creating in my day job, it can be hard to come home and be creative here. whenever i need a creative boost i rely on three things: get moving, get outside and get caffeinated. when all else fails, travel and go see part of the world that you have never seen before (or a weekend lake trip works too!).

now i want to introduce you to a few other bloggers who are based in KC. show them some love!

IMG_0645 Edit?


















Morgan of Eeny Meeny Miny MOrgan is a Kansas City life and style blogger, that can always be found with a cup of coffee and a big pair of sunglasses! stylish but simple looks are mainly what you’ll find in her blog posts, where unique outfits and work wear ensembles are featured daily!

blogger 1



















Andrea from Style My Way lives in Kansas City with her husband and three year old son. she shops from your closet, creating before and after looks, loves shoes in an unhealthy way, and is obsessed with styling her son in all the cutest boy clothes she can find!

love, lo


leather & gold.

by Lauren on September 15, 2014

i literally had one of the most perfect Saturdays this past weekend. i got to sleep in, eat brunch and read blogs on the deck, go on a long run, shop and go out with some friends later in the night. talk about my ideal day! the best part was getting back into running, i ran 5 miles and it felt so good. so good in fact that i am thinking about training for another half marathon (for all you non-runners, running never actually feels good but it does make you feel strong and empowered, hence the addiction). on Saturday night, the husband and i met up with some friends to do a little wine tasting at a place called Cellar & Loft down in the Rivermarket area. afterwards, we were starving (on the verge of HANGRY!) so we stopped by the plaza to grab a late night dinner. below is what i wore for the night time festivities. overall, it was a great day!

leather 1

leather 4 leather 3 Leather 2






































































outfit details | black dress – alysa rene boutique | vest – Gap (similar) | clutch – Forever 21 (similar) | necklace – Stella and Dot | shoes – Target (old) |

love, lo



white denim for fall.

by Lauren on September 11, 2014

every time i wear white pants, i always have a tide-to-go pen handy because it’s inevitable that something will spill on my white. today was no exception, our office had pizza delivered so i grabbed a slice and sat down at my desk to keep working and sure enough a pepperoni flew off my pizza onto my pants (i swear i am not exaggerating when i say ‘flew’). i couldn’t believe it, i was being so careful! it goes to say that i can be a tad bit clumsy but hey who cares when you have a tide-to-go pen for emergencies like this. anyways my one piece of advice is do not follow the ‘no white rule after labor day.’ i think this rule is totally bogus and plan to wear my white well into the fall, plus if you style your white denim for fall with cardigans, booties, loafers or long sleeve tops then i think it is totally appropriate.

pink 4pink 1pink 5pink 2pink 3




















































































outfit details | top – Jcrew | white jeans – Gap | striped loafers – Gap | black bag – Coach | earrings – Hello Cheeseburger | necklace – Stella and Dot |

love, lo


7 days of outfit inspiration.

by Lauren on September 9, 2014

who else looks in their closet and complains that they ‘don’t have anything to wear?’ i do it on a weekly basis even though i shop fairly often; however sometimes, instead of buying new pieces all you need to do is repurpose the pieces you already have. breathe some new life into your closet by getting inspiration from the outfits below and recreating them in your closet. i put together 7 of my latest outfit posts for one week of outfit inspiration.

with a busy schedule, i rarely have time to go to a brick-and-mortar store so i usually shop online and wear my favorite pieces many different ways to get the most out of my clothes.
















love, lo


date night at Park Place.

by Lauren on September 8, 2014

do you ever find yourself going to the same places for date night over and over again? it’s not that you can’t have your favorite places that you return to often but every once in a while it’s fun to switch things up. my favorite date night spot is Park Place in Leawood. if you haven’t been you must go, i promise you won’t be disappointed. Park Place has everything from shopping to cute little eateries to gourmet coffee. the quaint little side streets make for the perfect date night atmosphere. next time you need a new date night spot, be sure to check out some of my favorite spots below.

Mestizo rooftop

pigfinch interior

{dine} you’ve heard of love on a rooftop, right?  so head upstairs at Mestizo and listen to live music every Friday or Saturday night. and pull up a chair to the burning “ring of fire” to warm up your night in style. looking for a low-key, but romantic dining option?  the brick patio at Pig & Finch is another lovely place to spend a fall evening.  split a flatbread and bottle of wine to kick off the night.

{stay} getaway for a night or two at ALoft Leawood-Overland Park.  book the “Romance Getaway” or “Sip and Stay” package for the ultimate staycation.











{play} grab a paintbrush and bring your own bottle of wine for an evening at Pinot’s Palette! create your own masterpiece with the help of their instructors.

this was a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own.

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busy bee.

by Lauren on September 4, 2014

i am a busy bee over here! work has totally been ruling my life as of late but we just got done planning our big event in Madrid so i am hoping i can steal some of my time back. until then, i thought i would leave you with some stunning images to get some inspiration running through your veins.

busy bee 1

busy bee 2

busy bee 3 usy bee 4
























































images via

p.s. check out a new book club i am in. we are reading “This is Where I Leave You.” a book review will be up soon! psst… this book is LOL funny!

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salute to summer.

by Lauren on September 3, 2014

as i soak up the last few drops of sweet summertime, this past weekend was full of summer staples. it was a lovely long weekend of spending time with my husband, friends and family. as summer will start to fade into sweater weather and pumpkin-spiced lattes (i am so eager); the end of a season has me in a sentimental mood to savor the last bit. my summer recap is below in the form of instagram pictures.

while shopping, i found this adorable vintage bike propped up perfectly, just begging for a photo.

photo 1















my husband and i decided to cook last friday night instead of go out to a restaurant. we picked up some organic fair from whole foods, including these delicious tomatoes.

photo 2















a gelato date with one of my bests this past weekend left my heart feeling full that my good friends will always be there no matter how much time has passed.

photo 3















getting off work early definitely required some poolside indulgence. i grabbed my new West Elm catalog and headed straight for the pool.

photo 4















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you just might fly.

by Lauren on August 29, 2014

i haven’t gotten sick in forever but sure enough this week i got hit with a cold, hard! i toughed it out the first few days but finally gave in and worked from home yesterday so i could rest and recover. it is interesting how sick days force you to slow down and think about things. we get so busy and wrapped up in our day to day routines that often times we don’t realize how great our lives really are. i encourage you take a breather sometime during this long weekend to just enjoy the present moment. clear the thoughts of your “to-do list” or the “have-to’s” and just be. who knows,  if you let yourself go, you just might fly!

Flare 5 Flare 4 Flare 3 flare1Flare2






























































































love, lo


west elm KC.

by Lauren on August 27, 2014

i first heard about west elm a while back when i was reading one of my favorite design blogs. i was obsessed with how they decorated their home and sure enough, all of it was from West Elm. i quickly fell in love with their signature animal horn wall hangings and the neutral classy style. i was always so bummed when i would look online at their beautiful pieces and realize i would have to pay shipping and handling.

i was ecstatic when i heard the west elm was coming to the Kansas City Country Club Plaza. it opened not too long ago and i must admit i have already been to scope the place out. not only did i want to buy everything in site but i saw a set of petite gold silverware that i knew i must have. below are just a few of my favorites:

west elm

west elm2


love, lo


{outfit post} comfy chic.

by Lauren on August 26, 2014

who else would totally wear sweatpants all of the time if you could? this girl would for sure so when i saw that Gap had a new line of track pants, i knew it was a match made in heaven. although these don’t quite make the cut for work, i wore them this past weekend for a girl’s afternoon of fun which of course included a froyo date. this weekend also included catching up with some friends we haven’t seen in a while who just had a baby! it was pretty surreal to see them as parents but so cool. although i am no where near ready to have kids, i love seeing friends become parents and enjoying there little ones.

sweat pants 1 Sweat pants 2 sweat pants 3 sweat pants 4














































































outfit details: Zip-pocket track pants - Gap | top (similar) – Jcrew | pendant - Stella & Dot | Wedges (similar) - Target |

love, lo