seasonal tablescapes.

by Lauren on December 1, 2014

as you can probably tell from my instagram, i love decorating the house for the different seasons and holidays. you can be festive no matter the time of year, but this season is especially good for dressing up the house. the husband and i just put up our Christmas tree this weekend and decorated the house for the holidays, which inspired this post. i’ve put together a tablescape for every season since the kitchen table is such a big focal point for our house, it requires the best decorations. happy decorating!

winter 2spring tablefall table

check out some of my other favorite seasonal decorations here, here and here.

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{inspiration} farewell for now.

by Lauren on October 9, 2014

this is farewell until Monday. i am headed to Chicago for Go Blog Social, a blogger conference. i can’t wait to come back and share with you all the great bits of information. i am always so inspired by the people i meet at these conference and the knowledge they share. speaking of inspiration, i thought i would leave with you some fabulous photos to get you through the weekend. talk soon!

tumblr_n9qgryUsHl1r9y3mio1_500 tumblr_nchfhpDQJh1qev1moo1_500 tumblr_nbylzksKLf1rmfv8to1_500 tumblr_nc7sfrSvUq1r25b6lo1_500
























































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west elm KC.

by Lauren on August 27, 2014

i first heard about west elm a while back when i was reading one of my favorite design blogs. i was obsessed with how they decorated their home and sure enough, all of it was from West Elm. i quickly fell in love with their signature animal horn wall hangings and the neutral classy style. i was always so bummed when i would look online at their beautiful pieces and realize i would have to pay shipping and handling.

i was ecstatic when i heard the west elm was coming to the Kansas City Country Club Plaza. it opened not too long ago and i must admit i have already been to scope the place out. not only did i want to buy everything in site but i saw a set of petite gold silverware that i knew i must have. below are just a few of my favorites:

west elm

west elm2


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happy easter weekend.

by Lauren on April 19, 2014

just wanted to pop in and say happy easter weekend. i hope yours is full of sugary peeps, colored eggs and time spent outdoors. the husband and i are celebrating with my family tonight with a good old fashion BBQ at my dad’s house (my dad makes the best brisket and ribs) and then tomorrow morning we are going out to brunch with my husband’s family. overall, it will be a splendid weekend spent with loved ones. i have been craving some family time so this weekend more than makes up for it. happy easter!

Easter picture 1Easter picture 2


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inspirational weekend.

by Lauren on April 11, 2014

i absolutely love weekends but what i love more is when they are full of inspiration. this past weekend was just that! i had the opportunity to attend the Go Blog Social conference and then the Pepperologie brunch hosted by Jessie from Style and Pepper. i was completely blown away at both events by the amazing women i met and the inspiration that i was surrounded by. it sounds cheesy but it was great to be around people who were like me in many ways but very different as well. Here are some tid bits from what i learned and some snap shots of the weekend.

photo 5-4photo 4-6photo 1-13photography 101 – Amanda Marie Lackey

1. always shoot your photographs during the day to get natural light. if you do use natural light you won’t need filters on social media. the best time to take a photograph is an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise.

2. use a white clean background when you take photographs to give it a crisp clean look. you can buy a white poster board from a craft store.

3. don’t take photographs in your social media apps on your smartphone but instead use the regular camera on your phone. the quality of the picture will turn out better.


networking online and offline – Nicole from Cedar and Rush

1. socialize. participate in events because it makes you more memorable when people can meet you in person.

2. give back. attend others’ events to support them and if you say your going to show up then actually show up.  give peoples’ events a recap on your blog to give them some press.

3. follow up. send emails after conferences to attendees that you received business cards from. its a nice touch to let them know that you loved meeting them and would like to stay in touch.


thinking beyond the blog – Jessie from Style and Pepper

1. make it a business. if you don’t take your site seriously then others won’t either. once you view your blog as a professional business, it will help you respect yourself and your blog more.

2. make it your own. create content with value that people will want to read. write the content as if its through your lens and incorporates your voice.

3. make an impact. hone in on your cause and make it deeper than just yourself. this will help you fall in love with blogging all over again. and don’t forget to weave your cause into your blogging story.


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kansas city fashion week.

by Lauren on February 24, 2014

if you follow CFG on facebook or instagram then you probably know that i have been pretty excited about several opportunities coming up for CFG. i have been chosen to receive a blogger press pass to cover kansas city fashion week in march. i am beyond excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to document the fashion show on here to share with you all.


one of the best parts of KCFW is that it profiles local fashion designers. this year they are featuring a designer who appeared in Project Runway Season 9 and Project Runway All-Stars Season 2. Laura Kathleen is a St. Louis based fashion designer and is the feature designer for the Spring 2014 showcase. I am already loving Laura’s designs, especially since most of the looks would be great off the runway for everyday women.































i am looking forward to sharing KCFW with you all and will be attending events on March 12-16 so be sure to follow me on social media to see where I will be.

love, lo


photo inspiration.

by Lauren on February 20, 2014

mid week rolls around and i always need a little inspiration to keep me rolling through to the weekend. i love looking at beautiful photography and find it very calming, as if it transports me into a dream like state. these photos below caught my eye this week so i thought i would share to see if they have the same  affect on you. happy hump day!

inspire 2inspire4inspire 7inspire1









































p.s. super excited for some upcoming CFG opportunities. i promise i will announce fairly soon!

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success is not easy.

by Lauren on January 31, 2014

you know the feeling when you order something online and you check the mail everyday to see if it has arrived? that is the feeling i had this week while i waited for my new print to arrive. the print instantly resonated with me because my career and life aspirations have been on my mind lately. this print reminds me to strive to reach my goals and work hard at everything i do. i’m going to hang it in my office for a daily reminder.


this brings up another topic i have been thinking a lot about lately. recently, i have been asking myself who am i and what do i stand for and to be honest i felt a little lost answering this question. i truly think your 20’s should be devoted to figuring out who you are as a person and investing in who you want to be in the future. i took some time this week to pursue answers to this question of who am i? i sat down and wrote down my professional and personal goals and even attended two professional networking events this week. it helped me feel more comfortable in my pursuit for the real me. at the end of the day, we don’t have to know exactly what we want in every aspect of our life all the time. that comes with time and the most important thing we can do now, is work hard because success is not easy and is certainly not for the lazy. 

photo 4-2

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office style.

by Lauren on January 29, 2014

not only do I have my own space at home to decorate but I recently got my very own office that provided me with another space to fill with inspiration. i’ve only ever had a cubicle so having an office has been a nice adjustment. there is something to be said about having your own space that you can make yours at work.  it eases the pain of having to stay late or come-in early because my office is catered to my personality and what inspires me.

my mother-in-law came to the office for lunch and she decided that I definitely needed more decorations and went to straight to Pottery Barn after our lunch. needless to say she spoiled me and helped me transform my office into a cozier place.
























photo 3-2photo 2-2photo 1-2









































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kc fashion designer: Chante Gossett

by Lauren on January 22, 2014

One of the reasons I like Facebook is purely to see what people are up to. Now that I am a couple years out of college and ‘real life’ has begun I have noticed what cool things people are doing. Many of my friends and peers from high school are not only going after their dreams but making them happen.

I had the opportunity to interview a local fashion designer, Chante Gossett. Although Chante says she is just getting started, her designs are amazing and remind me of something out of vogue. I was eager to talk with her and hear how she has gotten her start and where she finds inspiration. Fashion lovers get ready to be in heaven!

















(all photos credited to Crystal Farris)

1. How did you get started with creating your own fashion line?

I’ve always wanted to get into the fashion world for as long as I can remember. When I would go to draw, it somehow always turned into drawing clothing. When I was in college the most logical path to what I wanted to do was to apply to become a part of the Textile Design program at KU. It made the most sense to me since we don’t have a fashion program. This became an incredible jumping off point for me, I finally was learning skills that I could actually apply to creating handmade clothing.

It started with a few pieces here and there and then a friend of mine had done West 18th St. Fashion Show and told me to apply, so I did. I got in and created a five piece collection so I think that was really my first full foray into executing a small collection. After that it took me a while to get back to work and I just released my SS 14 collection this past November in a Showcase that I put on at the Bauer. It turned out to be a great event and we had a huge turnout, the collection I created for SS14 was eight pieces.

















2. Tell us a little bit about the creative process you go through when creating new pieces? Where do you find inspiration?

When I go to design, I first think of what I want the inspiration or concept to be and what type of girl or environment I envision for the clothing. A lot of my inspiration comes from these imagined scenarios or environments that I see these clothes existing in. Art history has also proved to be a huge inspiration for me and I constantly find myself feeling as though I’m referencing famous pieces or my favorite artists.

















3. Where do you see yourself and your fashion line in 5 years? 

My end goal is for my line to become a functioning small independent brand based in KC where I have a team in studio making the fabrics with me, producing the clothing somewhere in the states, have a showroom in NYC and stocking in select boutiques around the world.

















p.s. be looking for a post tomorrow called Trendy Two where a friend and I each give our take on a hot new trend!

love, lo