April 2011

Royal attire

by Lauren on April 28, 2011

I can feel the thrill of the Royal Wedding starting to creep up on my friends and I. It seems everyone is anticipating this historical event and embracing it with pure excitement. Those who are attending the wedding are envied by most and I know I will be looking to see the fabulous outfits they wear. I can’t wait to see all the bouquets of Spring flowers, layers of chiffon and lace and of course extravagant dresses that take your breath away. Lately, I find myself day dreaming of what I would wear for the Royal event. Here is what I put together.



I thought the royal blue was very fitting. Plus, how glamorous is that necklace?
Now on to the most important part of the Royal Wedding, the tiara! There are so many that have been passed down throughout history but here a few of my favorites.
The Spencer Tiara.
Princess Diana was known for wearing this bejeweled tiara.
The Cambridge Lover Knot Tiara.

Those pearls would make any princess swoon. Princess Diana was also known for wearing this tiara.
The Poltimore Tiara.

This tiara was worn by Lady Poltimore in Florence and is a true royal treasure.
Please do tell which tiara is your favorite or what you would wear if you attended the Royal Wedding.
Love, lo


The end of the teenage years

by Lauren on April 26, 2011

Today marks the official day I become an adult, I am no longer in my teenage years. How crazy is that? 20 sounds so mature and adult like. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed the teenage roller coaster i’m much more ready to move on to the sophistication of the adult world. Being 20, I feel like I have my whole life ahead of me and anything is possible if I set my mind to it. Right now, I see the person I hope to be and the dreams I wish to accomplish. I have this fire in me to go out and make my mark on the world and although I am confident in who I am, I feel as though I have a lot more exploring to do in what makes me ME!

Several things I have enjoyed while being a teenager.

Carefree summers.

Source: weheartit.com via Megan on Pinterest


Falling in love.


Discovering what I’m passionate about.


I look forward to many things that will happen in my 20’s like graduating from college, starting a real job, having my own place to decorate and getting closer to becoming the person I aspire to be.

If you are already in your 20’s I would love to hear what your favorite part has been so far.

Love, lo

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Happy Easter

by Lauren on April 24, 2011

So this year we filled the Easter holiday with every sweet treat imaginable, a competitive Easter egg hunt and lots of laughter.

How adorable are these salt and pepper shakers. They were at Target in the $1 section!

The lovely family after church and a delicious brunch.

I was so proud of Mike for picking out this fashionable salmon colored shirt. It just screams Easter!


These Easter treats were so fun to decorate. Each cake gushes creativity with their intricate details.

Overall, I cant complain it was the most fabulous Easter and the most important thing is I got to spend it with loved ones. Being away at college, makes me enjoy family time so much more the few times I am home.

Hope your Easter was just as splendid and a little less messy.

Also, check out this amazing website that reminds everyone of what Easter is really about.

Love, lo


Lo’s spring styling tips

by Lauren on April 21, 2011

Spring is officially in session and that means lots of florals, lace and cardigans. I thought I would share a few fun styling tips for the breezy decadent months of spring.

Lace dresses are the new LBD.

Source: weheartit.com via Ivette on Pinterest


Coral lips make a pout standout.



Bold turquoise statements.


Cropped dress pants are a work obsession.


Tell me lovely readers what are you raving about this season? There is so much freedom in Spring fashion that you have to remember to have fun with it and not feel overwhelmed. Currently, I am planning on purchasing cropped dress pants and a lace dress for this spring.

Love, lo


Blissful weekend

by Lauren on April 18, 2011

There is just something magical about a perfectly good weekend. Not having the usual schedule, catching up with friends and most of all relaxing. The weather was splendid most of the weekend (besides Friday night). Here is a recap of my weekend.

Classic movies.

Catching up with friends.

Local coffee shops.

Bliss I tell you! I also got to have a date night and do a little shopping.
This weekend rejuvenated me for another busy week.
I cant wait for next weekend which is Easter. I get to venture home and spend a relaxing weekend
with the family.
Love, lo



Rent the runway

by Lauren on April 14, 2011

I have met my fashion/business inspiration with the company Rent the Runway. Harvard grad. friends, Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss combined their love of high fashion and business/entrepreneurship to create the fabulous company Rent the Runway.

I am delighted to see that they make red carpet fashion very affordable. This membership-only company allows everyday women to rent haute couture or jewelry from over a 100 of the most popular designers. What is glamorous is the clothes are only 10 percent of the retail price to rent. Now that is Fab!

This Dolce and Gabbana dress is normally $1,195 but can be rented for just $250. Not a bad deal for such a glam dress for a fancy night out.

With a perfect designer dress you are going to need just as pretty jewelry.

These Magnolia earrings are priced at $125 but get this, you can rent them for only $15!

And this bracelet can be yours for a night out for only $25, originally priced at $245.

Now all I need is a black tie affair to wear an outfit like this to. This is such a creative idea and brings the style of Sex and the City to every girl as an affordable option.

Love, lo


Eloise Fashion Show

by Lauren on April 12, 2011

O’More College of Design in Tennessee is putting on their 13th annual fashion show on May 12 titled, Eloise Fashion Show. What is unique is that students are the designers behind these fabulous pieces that are featured in the show. The eclectic fashion displayed in the show varies from couture, casual wear to swimwear.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the looks that will be at the show.

The high waisted trouser short fits well with the mini tank top, allowing for a balanced look.

How lovely would this ensemble be for a spring picnic or frolicking in a flower drenched field?

The delicate ruffle adds a feminine touch to this elegantly simple dress.

Are you interested in fashion or would just love to see a fashion show? Well the Eloise Fashion Show is open to the public and would be a great opportunity to travel to the wonderful city of Nashville.

Love, lo


Feminine work clothes

by Lauren on April 10, 2011

Hello lovely blog readers,

I am currently in Omaha, Nebraska enjoying the city and a wonderful PR conference hosted by UNO. The conference has provided a great opportunity to network with some professionals that are in a career that I aspire to be in one day. I enjoyed the segment on event planning and am seriously considering if this is a passion I want to pursue. Another thing I noticed, is how all these professional ladies dressed and styled themselves. I loved how they let their personality shine through in their outfits yet kept them work appropriate. Here are a few of my favorite work appropriate looks.

Here is what I wore to the conference.

As a new career woman going in to the business world, I am always looking for work clothes that don’t skimp on style. I have had good luck with the GAP, which is where both of these outfits are from. Let me know if you have any outfit ideas.

Love, lo

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Happy birthday mom

by Lauren on April 7, 2011

Today is my mom’s birthday. And although I dont get to see her today (she is in Washington D.C. and I am in Manhattan), I want her to know just how much she means to me and why she is such a great mom. She is much more than just a role model and I admire many things I see in her and aspire to be like the woman she is today.

She is creative.

She is loving.

I could  go on and on about how wonderful a mother she is, she is hard working, compassionate,
motivated and wonderful.
Most of all I would like to say Happy Birthday mom and I love you!



Hope your day is special, love you!
Love, lo


Latest obsession: shop sweet lulu

by Lauren on April 5, 2011

With April being a big birthday month (my moms on the 7th and mine on the 26th) I have been looking for cute birthday and cupcake decorations. I came across Shop Sweet Lulu and am so thrilled by their bright and happy party decor. They seriously might have the cutest cupcake liners I have ever seen!

I have already planned on purchasing these. So cute!

Tissue paper fans for party decorations.

And of course pink polka dot goody bags.

I would love to get the cupcake liners and goody bags to give to friends at a birthday dinner. Perhaps I will just plan my whole birthday celebration around these girly and fab decorations. Which ones are your favorite?

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Love, lo