July 2011

When I grow up

by Lauren on July 31, 2011

Have you ever thought about what you truly might want to be when you grow up? What your passionate about and willing to put your energy into? I keep thinking its time to figure out what I want to do when I grow up but I don’t know if thats ever fully possible when my interests are constantly changing and evolving. When people ask what do you want to do when you grow up these are several things I think of.



Could I have a closet full of magnificent clothes and great parties to go to?

PR Extraordinaire.

Could I be the best at social media, planning events and having the best clients?




Source: google.com via Franny on Pinterest


Could I donate most of my time to a cause I’m passionate about or even come up with my own?

Or… Could I simply just be ME and include all these things and more, tailored to fit who I am. Whatever it is you want to be, its never too late to start working towards your goals and dreams and living everyday closer to the person you hope to be. So the question is what do you want to be when you grow up?

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Classy and fab girl on the iPad

by Lauren on July 30, 2011

My lovely blog readers, I am excited to announce that I just got an iPad and am most in love with blogging on it. So much so that I am starting a new set of posts dedicated to showing you how I use the iPad and its technology in my internship and then also up at school on a college campus.

My head is racing with great ideas on how to use the iPad but I think this blogging segment will be very interesting and I hope you will enjoy it too. It is vital for anybody in the PR field to stay familiar with the latest technology and social media so I though splurging for this iPad would be a good investment, plus a great way to celebrate my hard work this summer.

Of course I probably got the most girly one possible, its white with a pink case…just like this one!

Look for a post coming soon about how I use the iPad at my internship!

Love, lo


Latest obsession: Trader Joe’s

by Lauren on July 24, 2011

My life is complete now that KC has a Trader Joe’s. I hate to even admit how many times I have been to it considering its only been here for a couple weeks. It’s already like 4 or 5 times! I read an interesting article the other day about why it is so popular and it comes down to having a devout fan following. Trader Joe’s not only has affordable organic food but they also value their customer. They make sure that the people who work in the stores are making a personal connection with every customer. The healthy grocery store seriously has a cult like following of customers, people are obsessed and who wouldn’t be?

After a few of my trips, I found some favorite items that I keep going back and getting. Here are my top Trader Joe’s products that I love!

Edamame hummus.

This hummus has such a unique flavor that I put on carrots and pita chips.

Blueberry green tea.

Fruit frenzy bars.

White cheddar puffs.

So much flavor packed into puffs to make them a low-calorie snack.

Iced chai tea.

Add a little skim milk and ice and this makes a perfect iced chai latte. My go to summer drink!

Trader Joe’s is the perfect excuse to start eating healthy even if you are on a budget. I know its going to help me eat a whole lot healthier the rest of the summer with their unique fun products. What are your favorite products from Trader Joe’s?

Love, lo


Trendy table decor

by Lauren on July 22, 2011

Lately I’ve been craving a taste of design and savoring color. I think because in a regular day, I don’t do much designing so when I do it is really a treat and very fulfilling. Recently though I have become enamored with classy and fab table decorations that are just spectacular and the great part of it is it could be incorporated into my PR in event planning. I found some to die for tables that one day I might be able to recreate.

Dreamy outdoor wedding.



Cotton candy wear.


Bee inspired.


Creative table piece.


I love how they used an upside down wine glass for a table decoration. Its a perfect candle holder.

The extravagant tables are a huge trend right now with weddings, corporate parties and birthdays. Let me know if you have found anything else creative to decorate tables with, I’m always looking for new ideas.

Love, lo


Boho style: my way

by Lauren on July 19, 2011

I named this post Bohemian style: my way because I really do like trying out some bohemian looks, however I don’t go as authentic as some of the looks ive seen. I’ve put a preppy spin on the more hippie inspired look.

Some other boho inspired looks I’m currently craving.


This is such a fresh summer look. It really is the epitome of lazy summer days.

Love, lo


The process of growing

by Lauren on July 16, 2011

I can honestly say that I feel like I have learned and grown so much (a couple years worth) in the past couple of months than any other time in my life. Now this could be related to starting a full-time corporate job or it could be the mindset I have put myself in. This process of learning and growing has stretched me and at times even stressed me out, but am I glad its happening? You Betcha!

When you surround yourself with people that are at that next level you would like to be in, you eventually start to take on similar qualities. You might start dressing how they do, talking like they do or even just full on imitating them to get yourself to the level they are on. It allows you to become a more intellectual person who can now critically think about concepts in a new way.

This learning/growing process comes at you full speed and sometimes you don’t notice it until it hits you in between the eyes and knocks you out. The opposite of this process is settling, probably one of the worst things you can get stuck in. The process of settling means you stop pushing yourself to be your best, you stop taking opportunities to learn something and you don’t focus your creative energies on anything worthwhile (or even anything at all). Too often people get stuck in the process of settling because its easy and comfortable yet it’s so much more rewarding to take part in the process of growing and stretching your capabilities. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

The process of growing can be stressful and painful but in the end you are glad you did it because ultimately it makes you a better person. Continue to look for those opportunities that inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and GROW!

Love, lo


Latest Obsession: Brown heels

by Lauren on July 15, 2011

I dont know what it is about brown heels but lately I have been loving their rich color. It must be that they go so nicely with most outfits and they are a summer staple. Although my internship requires lots of walking, I have found these shoes are pretty comfortable for work. Here are some of my latest finds.

These are my newest find. I got them for $30 when they were originally $80, not too bad. I am loving the lace up look.

These are an older pair that I have almost worn out because I love them so much. I especially like the fun cuff at the top.

I call these my super duper tall wedges yet they are surprisingly comfortable. Gotta love Target’s shoes!

My mom said she gets a lot of black heels and sandals because they go with most of her outfits. What type of shoe are you groovin’ on lately?


Love, lo


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Bold Beautiful Brick

by Lauren on July 13, 2011

I recently had the chance to visit St. Louis and explore all the city has to offer. I had been there as a kid many times and had always visited the same places. This trip we explored all new places that were bursting with personality. One of the was Soulard neighborhood. Its an adorable urban neighborhood with beautiful brick buildings. I was enamored by how the brick transformed the town into something charming.
The bright colors accentuate the brick so well, plus its just plain cute!
The ivy wrapped all the way around some of the buildings. I felt like I was in a garden wonderland.
If you ever do get a chance to visit Soulard in St. Louis, take notice of the beautiful brick and the elaborate gardens.
Love, lo


A local treasure

by Lauren on July 7, 2011

I was so excited to tour Kansas City’s very own The Roasterie, a specialty coffee business. This locally owned business has some of the most flavorful coffee I have ever tasted. I absolutely love coffee, if you couldn’t tell already, so I was ecstatic when a couple of other interns and I got to take an insiders look at where the coffee is made and the people behind the growing business.

I really enjoyed learning about how this business got started in Kansas City and how it became so successful. This video explains it all from the man who started The Roasterie to how they get incredible coffee flavors. Its definitely worth checking out.


The History of The Roasterie

I even bought a bag of their coffee while I was there. I got the organic espresso coffee and cant wait to try it out tomorrow morning!

Love, lo


Latest obsession: Brunch

by Lauren on July 3, 2011

I have fell in love with the idea of late brunches on a lazy weekend vacation. There fabulous because it takes place of lunch and breakfast so it frees up more of your morning, plus who can’t resist scrumptious breakfast foods.

Were staying in St. Louis this weekend for a mini getaway. We had brunch at this quaint crepe shop in the downtown area. We had everything from sweet and savory crepes to decadent Belgian waffles.