August 2011

Latest obsession: chunky necklaces

by Lauren on August 23, 2011

Can I just say how much I love such a bold statement with the new trend of chunky necklaces. These overly large necklaces really compliment any outfit and the great thing is you don’t have to wear any other jewelry. A few I am currently craving right now…

Source: via Jill on Pinterest











A fearless approach to this trend works best. Also if you dont own a chunky necklace, mix and match a few of your own to create an artsy ensemble. I personally love turquoise necklaces so adding a bunch of different size beaded necklaces together is something on my fashion must list this Fall.

And a great way to organize all your necklaces is to place push pins in an antique looking picture frame and hang your necklaces from the pins.

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Love, lo


Latest obsession: laid back summer

by Lauren on August 8, 2011

Although this summer hasn’t exactly been laid back, I’ve totally based my style this season on these three amazing looks. I found them in an InStyle magazine earlier in the season and just can’t stop obsessing over them.




Tell me which one is your favorite?

Love, lo


iPad for Internships

by Lauren on August 6, 2011

As I promised earlier in the week, I am going to show you how I use the iPad at work for my internship this summer at Hallmark Inc. The one thing I will say is you have to be careful, especially if you’re a young millennial, to not cross the fine line between using for work related reasons or just looking like your playing on it all day. I only say this because often millenials are stereotyped as feeling entitled and connected to social media at all times.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

In order to not cross this line, I have decided not to take my iPad into meetings to take notes. Instead, I use it as my planner, which is huge because I have been hooked to my paper planner for years but have officially switched over. The calendar works great because like the iPhone, it will send you alerts on appointments and other reminders.

Source: via Renee on Pinterest


In addition, I use it as my main media source to get updates on what is going on in the PR industry as well current events. My favorite app is Flipboard. This app allows you to create your own news feed with the sources you want and then turns the feeds into an online magazine format. A very easy way to read the news and focus on only what your interested in.

Lastly, I use the app Mind Node to brainstorm ideas on different projects. This app allows you to start with an idea in the middle and then branch off of it to create sub ideas. A very useful tool if your trying to see the direction of your project.


Look for an upcoming post about how I use the iPad at school on a college campus. I think it might be interesting to compare the differences from using it at any internship, although both are beneficial.

Love, lo