September 2011

My new tote

by Lauren on September 19, 2011

I seem to be on a Target kick because lately at least one of my accessories in my outfits is from there. I recently purchased this tote from Target that was 30% off. Gotta love sales, I got it for $27.

Here is how I wore it to work today.



It fits all the essential things I need for a day on campus. My iPad, lipgloss, Michael Kors wallet, iPhone and sunglasses.

Love, lo


Fall Lookbook

by Lauren on September 16, 2011

The season is finally changing into crisp autumn, my favorite time of year! Why is it, that we are so eager for the changing of the season and so done with the season we just came out of. I am so done with summer clothes and am so excited to wear comfy cardis, warm fur boots, and opaque scarfs.

My Fall Wish List.

Love all these fall shoes. I’m hoping to get a pair of brown boots like the ones in the middle. Also, those opaque grey tights are all the rave right now, I am definitely going to be on the lookout.


A camel colored trench is so versatile that you can throw it over any outfit to give it a lift.

Bring on the cooler weather! I cant wait for changing leaves, football games with a chill in the air and of course Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Love, lo

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Let’s travel the world

by Lauren on September 8, 2011

I am so excited to announce that I have started planning my study abroad trip for later this year. I have finally saved up enough money to travel to Europe! Eeks! I am so excited, however, the hardest decision might be trying to decide where to go. I have narrowed it down to three or four places that are absolutely breathtaking.

London & Paris.

I would love to go here and study fashion in the world’s best fashion places.


Madrid or Barcelona Spain.

Source: via Danelle on Pinterest


It does help that I speak the language here and would be able to continue working to become fluent in Spanish.



Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest


I have always dreamed of going to Italy to eat wonderful large amounts of spaghetti and pizza.

There is just so many great places I would love to see and not enough time or money.

So where should I go?

Love, lo


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Delightful dinner party ideas

by Lauren on September 3, 2011

I love the idea of having your closest friends over for a dinner party full of great food, laughter and fun. As soon as I have my own place, throwing a magnificent dinner party is on my to-do list. I think  I am intrigued with this idea because there are endless creative ideas on what you can do.


The food is one of the most important parts of a dinner party and at my party its also going to be healthy but delicious.

Sweet corn on the grill.


Honey Dew, cantaloupe & prosciutto salad.


Healthy mac and cheese.

Get these yummy recipes here! Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend and hopefully your having a dinner part or BBQ where you can try out these recipes.


Love, lo