November 2011

Thanksgiving Tradition

by Lauren on November 23, 2011

My family is all about Holiday tradition and Thanksgiving is no exception. This time of year has got me reminiscing on the year, feeling cozy and thinking about my new years resolution. This year however, is a little different than the past. Usually we have my moms side of the family over for the Thanksgiving feast but this year we are in North Carolina spending it with my dads family. We have all our traditional dishes we usually serve and our adding a few new ones to the bunch. New to the feast is homemade cherry pie and wild rice.


Our traditions this time of year is what bonds our family and lets us all enjoy this festive time of year. Some of the tradition we share include watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning, saying what were thankful for at the dinner table and seeing a movie at the theatre. This year the movie is Breaking Dawn, which the guys probably wont come too. What are your favorite Holiday traditions? What ones will you pass down to your children?

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P.S. Here is what I am wearing for Thanksgiving with tights and boots.

Love, lo


Classy and Fab Girl on Pinterest

by Lauren on November 15, 2011

The newest social media outlet thats taking off is Pinterest, where you can pin photos that you love. It can be clothes, food, crafts, anything that inspires you. Follow me on Pinterest by clicking the red button to the right. Classy and fab girl has its very own board with only the best, girly items featured.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Pinterest.




Hope to see you on Pinterest. Happy Pinning!

Love, lo


Colorful Coats

by Lauren on November 9, 2011

These colorful coats are from jcrew and have classy and fab girl written all over them. This post is perfect for today because it was the first snowfall of the year. I usually despise wearing a big thick coat but these wouldn’t be so bad.


Source: via Zeeba on Pinterest


A good way to style a peacoat is with skinnies, pumps and an oversized bag. If your feeling adventurous you could wear all jean under

like this model does.

Love, lo



Finding your niche in PR

by Lauren on November 5, 2011

I am currently writing this blog post after a long day of learning about what it takes to be a PR pro. I will admit that I am writing this in a snuggie, sitting on the coach and couldn’t be more content. After an incredibly busy, stressful week and being sick, a night at home is just what the doctor ordered.

I thought I would share what I learned from a PR conference I went to today called PRSSA Day in KC. It was a great professional conference where I learned all about networking, finding my niche and the power of word of mouth marketing. Here are just a few points that will hopefully stick with you in your professional career.

1. Write Write and WRITE more… Then Read

This point was brought up by many of the speakers that all PR pros should have a basic foundation of great writing skills. And once you get writing down, start reading it will improve your writing even more.

2. Influence can be created; passion cannot.

It’s better to have a handful of engaging, passionate customers that are devoted to your brand rather than a 100 followers who don’t believe in your brand. Its all about who is going to stand by and stick with your brand at all times.


3. Everybody wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

We crave being part of a larger group or organization that is working for a cause we believe in. Its important to find a job that you can put your heart into. It will make your career that much more worth it.

4. Be a generalists- know all PR outlets.

In this day and age it is crucial to learn all aspects of the industry. This includes media relations, social media, writing, branding and video. Becoming a well rounded employee will help you be indispensable to an employer.

I hope these bits of advice help you in your professional endeavors and that you are making the most of your career talents.

Love, lo