December 2011

Very First GIVEAWAY!!

by Lauren on December 28, 2011

I have been ecstatic the past few days with the opportunity to do my very first GIVEAWAY. This giveaway comes from ShopDaisy Boutique, see previous post here, they are generously giving away a free pair of gorgeous earrings to one lucky reader of Classy and Fab Girl.

The winner gets to pick which of the two earrings above they would like. HERE iS HOW TO ENTER: Like ShopDaisy Boutique on Facebook and leave a comment below on which pair of earrings you would like.

I will choose a winner at random a week from today! The winner will be posted on here on Wednesday, Jan. 4 and then sent an email to receive the earrings. Good Luck!

Love, lo


ShopDaisy Boutique-Interview with Nesha

by Lauren on December 27, 2011

Classy and Fab Girl Readers, I am so excited about these next couple of blog posts. First I would like to share with you a very fashionable, up and coming boutique called ShopDaisy Boutique. Nesha, a young woman who has always been an entrepreneur, started this boutique in April, 2011. The boutique is currently located in Manhattan, KS and works to assist women in finding a trendy outfit for every occasion.

I was curious to see how Nesha got started and how she made her dreams a reality so I asked her for a behind the scenes interview.

How did you get the idea for shopdaisy boutique?

Ive always been the creative innovator growing up. It was just years ago I was sitting in my bedroom cutting out magazine clippings, refilling my hot glue gun only to make sure my pennies wouldn’t fall off my shirt. Fast forward to my college days in North Carlina. I work for an high-end boutique as a wardrobe stylist, while styling clients in store, I got my first taste of styling  photo shoots months into working in the retail industry. I also did a internship for Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in Charlotte, NC.  There was so much inspiration around me working in the fashion industry. I thought with my resume, my resources and support system I could open my own boutique.
What steps did you take to get the boutique up and running?

Shopdaisy Boutique was just a dream years ago. I would research retail properties, wholesale venues, supplies, and other retail businesses before I started my own. Research is very important, as well as gathering as many resources as possible. Keeping a book of my goals, research and resources was very helpful starting off.
What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs trying to get started?

Passion is key. I don’t do anything that I’m not passionate about. Being a entrepreneur is not easy, one must be a risk-taker and believe in their vision. It’s best to have some experience in the field you want to pursue. Always keep a book of your research and resources.
What is the overall style and feel of your boutique?

ShopDaisy Boutique is a fashion boutique that caters to the unique styles of everyday women. The boutique offers girly-chic inspired selections and personal styling services. ShopDaisy’s mission is to provide women the opportunity to be trendy for her every occasion.

Where do you see the future of Shopdaisy headed?

Shopdaisy Boutique will be expanding in 2012. Including online shopping, Relocating to a new location (visit fb/shopdaisy boutique for details) and opening new stores in Orange County CA, FL, DC and NC. The sky is the limit for Daisy Inc. and 2012 is the year to excel.

Also be looking for an upcoming blog post, where Nesha will give something away from ShopDaisy Boutique for Classy and Fab Girl Readers.

Love, lo


Holiday Party Looks

by Lauren on December 23, 2011

I put together a few looks that would be great for any Holiday party, whether its a work Christmas party, a fancy dinner or New Years Eve. Hope you like and can get some inspiration for this festive season


Festive Feathers.

Festive Feathers




Red Hot.

Red Hot



Golden Girl.
Golden Girl



Tell me which one is your favorite!
Love, lo


Holiday Wish List 2011

by Lauren on December 21, 2011

Hello lovelies, I hope your Holiday spirit has been festive and merry. I honestly can’t believe Christmas snuck up on us this fast. Where did the time go? Thankfully, I have gotten most of my shopping done and just have a few more presents to get for family and friends. I think half the fun of Christmas is being able to give to loved ones and see their faces light up with joy.

I thought I would share with you my holiday wish list for this year in case you need last minute ideas of what to give a girlfriend or sister.

Starting from the top left; A chambray denim shirt from JCrew; Pink pajama set from JCrew; White ruffle duvet cover from Urban Outfitters; Fur vest from Anthropology; A chain link bracelet from JCrew; and a luxurious fur blanket from Pottery Barn.

Love, lo


Decorating Journey: Shopping

by Lauren on December 18, 2011

I did some more shopping today for my new house and found some great deals! We scored at Target, Pier 1 Imports and Gordmans. I didn’t purchase anything full price because there were so many great before Christmas sales.

Here is a glimpse of a few of my finds today. To see where I am getting inspiration, visit here. I laughed after I saw this rug because for some reason my two roommates and I have a bird theme going.


I was really surprised to see how many great pillows Pier 1 had. I love the two I got and here are some other cute ones I liked. Thanks for continuing to follow me on my decorating journey. Coming up I will show you a DIY project on how to make your own headboard.

Love, lo


Pick me up

by Lauren on December 7, 2011

Thought I would share a little pick me up for this cold hump day.
Very Classy and Fab!
Love, lo


Decorating Journey

by Lauren on December 6, 2011

Lovely readers, I apologize for my sporadic posts lately. This next month will surely be different because I get to take a whole month off from school or as I like to call it, “a college student’s sabbatical.” My abscence has also been due to the fact that I am MOVING! Yay!  I finally get to move into my very own place and decorate it just the way I would like. This also means that I am including you on this journey because their is no doubt that I will need your help from those of you crafty DIY’ers or anyone who has an eye for color. So the journey begins now. I’ll start by showing you my inspiration board of colors, textures and prints. Then in upcoming blog posts I will show you specific DIY projects and before and after pictures of my room. I hope your as excited as I am.



These are the colors I would like to use and I would love to make my own headboard.



I have a small obsession with teal dressers.



I must have a free standing antique mirror. They are gorgeous!



I never thought of putting ruffles on lamps but this is perfect.


And of course, a ton of fluffy pillows makes any bed look fabulous!

Hopefully you can see the vision I have for this room and have some ideas of your own on how I can make this truly a classy and fab room. I would love to hear your opinions and ideas. Thanks for joining me in my decorating journey.

Love, lo


Owning your own agency

by Lauren on December 5, 2011

A couple weeks ago, I attended a PR conference in Kansas City with the K-State Powercat PR group. Part of the conference included a resume critique. I was lucky enough to get Travis Joyal of Page Communications to review mine and we got to talking about what he does for a living. He mentioned that him and a friend started their own PR agency. I was really curious to hear how he got started because one day I hope to own my own agency. Read my interview below and learn how to successfully start your own agency.

What steps did you take to get your business started? We did it right. We had legal counsel and made sure all steps were taken to abide by the law.  Then it was very much like buying a new home – finding the space, signing the lease paperwork, buying the essential equipment and supplies to run the business, and moving in.

What advice would you give to a young professional who wanted to start their own business? Make sure you have sufficient experience in whatever industry you are looking to start your business. Learn from those that came before you – they have valuable tactics, practices and lessons to share. If you have the experience and are serious about starting a business, be ready to dedicate upwards of 75 hours a week to the business. It’s hard, but rewarding work. Also, be sure you have legal representation as a good lawyer will ensure you are taking the proper steps to start a business legitimately under the law!

What have you learned from the process of starting you own business? I’ve learned that you must be multi-dimensional. Not only do I manage the PR for my clients, but I also have staff to mentor, educate and manage. I’m charge of billing and accounting. I’m in charge of the daily operations of my office…everything from making sure the recycling is empty to the deeper cleaning of my office.

If you could do anything over in the process, what would it be? I would follow up with each and every contact I’ve met. It’s so easy to meet someone and completely fail to follow up with something as simple as an e-mail saying “nice to meet you.” You never know where or who business leads will come from.

Thanks Travis for the awesome interview!

Love, lo