February 2012

Beach to Work

by Lauren on February 29, 2012

In less than a week and half, I will be jet set for a cruise to Mexico for a family vacation and then to a public relations conference in Charlotte, NC right after. I won’t have any time to come back home between so I have to get smart about how I pack for two very different trips. My space is minimal for my trips so I’m going to have to get creative. The looks below incorporate several beach essentials with accessories and add ons that would be appropriate for a business trip.

Look #1: I am bringing a bright colored dress and white jeans to pair with bright tops for the beach. To transition to business casual, I would add a blazer to either outfit.

Look #2: An airy lace dress is a must for a tropical climate. However, when paired with cropped dress pants and a wedge, it looks business chic.

Look #3: I love the stripe skirt with a bright tank. It looks event better with some bright flats and a long sleeve knit.

The only extra thing I will have to pack is a few swimsuits, a suit, flip flops and a beach tote. I would love to hear any recommendations on how you plan for multiple back to back trips.

Love, lo


Beautiful boho looks

by Lauren on February 27, 2012

With the popularity of my past Boho post, I decided to do another one on some beautiful boho dresses. The links to the photos are where you can buy the dresses. I have had many questions on where you can purchase Boho dresses so here it is.

The boho look is becoming more popular with the spring and summer months coming up. I know I will wear several of these on my trip to Mexico. Hope you enjoy!

Love, lo


Why going social matters.

by Lauren on February 22, 2012

As I was skimming the daily array of public relations articles, I found an interesting info-graphic on the importance of going social. It illustrates the way businesses and organizations can effectively use social media to expand their reach. So many more markets can be reached via social media sites and if companies aren’t social they might be missing out. All the fun illustrations make the info-graphic a breeze to read. Check it out!

What do you think of the direction were headed with social media? Will everything be online in a few years, will all our interactions be through social media? I think there will still be a need to have personal interactions. A friendly smile goes a long way but perhaps a Facebook “like” will give you the same gratification. This is a hot topic in the public relations world.

Love, lo


Coffee & Art.

by Lauren on February 21, 2012

The mix of coffee and art might be my all time two favorite things. What better way to explore these to loves than combining them. Look what this New York City barista created. Imagine how many customer’s days were brightened.

You can tell that each cup is full of love and passion for making the perfect cup of coffee. Checkout this site for more information on the barista and coffee shop that did this.

Going along with the coffee theme, if you want a good read, I highly recommend the book Onward written by the CEO of Starbucks. Its an inspiring story of how Starbucks reinvented itself during a time of crisis and the amazing leadership behind it.

Love, lo



Valentines day fun.

by Lauren on February 13, 2012

Valentines Day has rolled around again is as hyped up as ever. I recently went to Target and they had 5 aisles dedicated to just Valentines Day stuff! Its a little ridiculous so this year I am going simple. No presents just some fun candy. I do love all the fun Valentines Day goodies out there.

I thought this was cute and it made me laugh out loud.

Pretty sweater with heart elbow patches. How unique!

Sweet homemade stationary for your loved ones.

If your dressing up for valentines day these would add a nice touch.

If your opting to not wear a dress this year, this would be a lovely second choice.

Hope your Valentines Day is wonderful and you get to spend it with those you love.

Love, lo



Resumes & Portfolios.

by Lauren on February 11, 2012

It’s that time of year again, when all the college seniors are trying to buff up their resumes and portfolios in hopes of finding that dream job. I thought a professional post was needed, especially since I have been spending the week preparing and receiving critiques over my resume and portfolio.

Below is the new style of resumes which are called Info-graphic Resumes. They are super unique and hold a lot of personality. Imagine how much this would pop out in a stack full of black and white resumes.

This is most likely the future of resumes and how cool that it shows so much personality. I can almost picture the person just by looking at these.

This week I had a couple of my professors and professionals from VML look at my portfolio and resume and I thought I would share several of the tips they gave me.

1. Use a personal logo throughout resume or portfolio

This allows your own personal brand to come through and ties all of your work together with your personality. Here is mine.

2. If you have an internship or job that you want to put in your portfolio but the information was confidential…

Put an icon or logo that people would recognize the company by and then put different quotes telling about the work you did.

3. Always give the context behind each project in your portfolio.

Most likely you will be walking through your portfolio with someone but just in case you’re not, write a blurb about your role in the project and your responsibilities. This allows the employer to see exactly what your influence was and where your talents are.

Hope this helps and good luck in your professional endeavors!

Love, lo


Mexican vacation.

by Lauren on February 8, 2012

After some deep thought of missing a week of school and work, I have decided to go to MEXICO with the fam! Eeek I am so excited for a cruise to Mexico in March. I knew that if I didn’t go, I would definitely regret it. Plus, what a fun thing to look forward to, to get me through the winter. I have already been compiling a list of must haves for the trip. Look what I have found so far!

I am sure there will be many more posts to come about this trip. It always is a nice treat to plan a spring break trip. I know I am always ready for it by the end of winter. It helps the colder  months go by faster when I have a warm trip awaiting me. Hope your planning a fun trip for spring break too!

Love, lo


5 things.

by Lauren on February 3, 2012

Hopefully your week was splendid and full of nice weather. I took every opportunity to be outside these past couple of days. This week literally flew and was full of fun friend time. Last night, the girls and I, sat around and ate cookies and salt and vinegar chips (my fav!), watched YouTube videos and Sex and the City. It was the perfect girls night!

Several things caught my attention this week that are worth sharing with you.

Super Bowl Appetizers.


{These potato chip spirals are going to be perfect for the party I am going to on Sunday. I think everyone will love them.}

Valentines Day.


{Adorable packaging for a special someone.}

Fun Party Planning.


{I love the fun mix of pink and black and would be perfect for a bridal shower.}

Spring Dresses.


{This dress makes me seriously crave some spring time weather!}

Petite Rings.


{Such a classic piece of jewelry.}

Love, lo

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