April 2012

Trendy summer looks.

by Lauren on April 28, 2012

Lately I have been eyeing some summer styles that are new to the fashion world. Hopefully the ideas below will give you some inspiration for your warmer day outfits. Enjoy!

High waisted shorts.


Maxi skirt.


Crop tops.

Love, lo


Eating local.

by Lauren on April 25, 2012

As I was running errands this past Saturday morning, I finally stumbled upon the Manhattan Farmers Market. After hearing great things about it, I had been keeping my eye out for the local market. Below are my delicious and beautiful finds. I think I was most surprised at how reasonable there flowers were. I got the flat for a $1.50.


The people were so friendly at the Farmers Market. I definitely recommend it if your trying to buy and eat more locally. The Farmers Market in Manhattan happens every Saturday from 8-1 in the downtown Poyntz area.

Hope to see you there next saturday!

Love, lo


5 things.

by Lauren on April 20, 2012

This week has been a little hectic with multiple tests and papers but I’ve been able to stay sane through a little inspiration. Here are a few things I am loving this week…

Coral & Pink Together.




Spring Pastels.


Nautical Stripes.

(Recently ordered these off of J. Crew’s website. Cant wait for them to come in!)


Summer Drinks.

(With my 21st birthday next week, my eye has been out for fun summer cocktails.)


Love, lo


Oh happy day!

by Lauren on April 16, 2012

Want to know what makes me really happy and am sure will put a smile on your face too? Finding the perfect Pinterest page where everything on it makes me happy! I am seriously inspired by the The Everygirl’s pinterest page. I mentioned The Everygirl blog in a previous post and can’t help but have a mild obsession with everything they do. The blog, which is run by two young professionals in Chicago, depicts everything a young professional, design savvy woman is interested in. Love Love it!

Just a few pictures from their Pinterest page…

Mixing two different patters in one outfit is so bold, yet it really really works. My goal for this next weekend is to put an outfit together like this.

I can totally picture blogging and drinking coffee in a room like this.

Stripe chairs with lots of glamourous pictures on the wall? YES!

Love, lo


Dream job.

by Lauren on April 11, 2012

I think Spring time is the perfect time to daydream with the warm weather and the spark of life that is happening all around us. I have been daydreaming a lot about future plans, life and dreams. With graduation coming up for a lot of people, I thought I would dedicate this post to day dreaming about that dream job you have always wanted.

I am majoring in public relations and have felt like this is definitely the right career for me and that it fits my personality just right. The great thing about PR is it is so broad but that can also be very overwhelming. Below are just a few careers that sounds very intriguing.

Boutique Owner.


Pictures are courtesy of the every girl blog.

The pictures above are from a boutique called The Edit in Chicago. You can see a great interview with owners here. I think my favorite piece of advice from the owners of The Edit would have to be “there has to be synergy between your store and the stores around it.” I think this is important in creating the right vibe for your store. Owning your own boutique sounds like a lot of hard work but then again it also hardly seems like work if your loving every minute of it.

Fashion Stylist.

Picture courtesy of The Every Girl blog.

Imagine being a stylists for one of the big fashion companies such as J.Crew, Anthropologie or Tory Burch. I think it would be heaven to be surrounded by clothes and such great design all the time.

Hm, I am seeing a reoccurring tend here with fashion. I think it is safe to day that one day I want to work in the fashion industry doing PR work. Don’t be afraid to daydream and think outside of the box every once in a while about what interests you and what you could make a career out of. Remember that if you love it, it wont feel like work at all.

Love, lo


Spring colors.

by Lauren on April 9, 2012

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend spent with good friends and family. Below is a sneak peek at what we did for Easter. Let’s just say you are never too old for Easter egg hunts. It was quite fun.



On a different note, one of my friends this weekend told me about a new store coming to Kansas City. Its called Madewell and is actually the sister store of JCrew. The store has a similar style to JCrew but its a little more casual and a tad less expensive. I think I might have found my new favorite store.

What do you think? Could you see yourself falling in love with Madewell’s style?

Rumors say it could be at Town Center in Overland Park. Cant wait!

Love, lo



Easter fun.

by Lauren on April 4, 2012

I can’t believe Easter is this Sunday! Spring is flying by but I’m excited that some fun things are being thrown into April like planning my friends wedding shower, attending a wedding shower and my 21st Birthday! For Easter I will be driving home and will probably get roped into an Easter egg hunt because in my family’s eyes, “you’re never to old for a good old Easter egg hunt.”

I’m always up for having a little fun with my easter outfit and incorporating pastel colors. A dress is also a fun way to go comfy casual whether you are going to a brunch or participating in an easter egg hunt.

Love, lo


Manhattan Box Lab.

by Lauren on April 2, 2012

Over this past weekend I might have found my new favorite store in Manhattan. Seriously I couldn’t stop talking about it and am so excited to go back. The store is located in downtown Manhattan on Poyntz and is called Box Lab. It is a design showroom/studio/store and they specialize in offering design and architecture services but also feature amazing products in their store. Whats so inspiring is an architecture professor from K-State started Box Lab and hired his graduate students to run the store.

Below is just a glimpse of some of their products and design pieces.



I am already planning my next trip back to Box Lab. I am either going to splurge and get their awesome place mats or some stackable porcelain bowls. Below at a cool project they are doing. The designers at Box Lab are creating a modern, well-planned house for a Manhattan resident and his family. Talk about an innovative looking house!


Love, lo