May 2012

The summer ahead.

by Lauren on May 29, 2012

It was so nice to have an extra long weekend to cram in some extra fun. In addition to being in two weddings, I got some good pool time in, several BBQ’s and catching up with friends. This weekend makes me look forward to the summer ahead.


Every season I like to reevaluate my goals and what I want to accomplish. When thinking about this summer, these are the things I want to accomplish:

1. Read all the Malcom Gladwell books

2. Try a new hobby like biking outdoors

3. Have some me time to figure out what I truly want out of life

4. Explore downtown KC

5. Work hard in my internship and learn as much as I can

What are you wanting to accomplish this summer? Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your life and figure out what you truly want to accomplish to help you become a better person.

Love, lo


Style Craves.

by Lauren on May 27, 2012

Hello lovely readers, I promise Im not neglecting you its just been a whirlwind week. I started a new job this week and was in two of my very good friends weddings. Although it was crazy busy it was all fun! Hopefully pictures will be shared later.

Since it is memorial day weekend I thought I would do a fitting post for the official change of seasons. Below are several of my all time summer craves!

All White.

What is it about this all white look that screams summer? It just looks so fresh.

Dressy Maxi.

I love to pair brown and black together and this is the perfect summer combination. A dressed up maxi is good for anywhere.

Lavender & Tan.

Love the lavender with those killer shoes! Great for a date night.

Yellow Blazer.

Pops of yellow and orange paired with a normal outfit creates a warm relaxed summer look.

I tried to pair work appropriate outfits with some weekend looks for those of you who are working all summer or taking some time to travel. Hope you enjoy!

Love, lo


Pink & black bridal shower.

by Lauren on May 19, 2012

My first bridal shower that I hosted and planned was a success!I had so much fun putting together this bridal shower for one of my good friends Chelsea. Her colors for her wedding are black and pink so I decided to stick with this color scheme for the shower.

I found most of my decorations at Hobby Lobby, including these gift bags. It came in a kit with everything ready to go; cellophane bags, twist ties, name tags, the only thing I added was the pink candy.

Since the party was in the afternoon we decided on a dessert and candy bar. Not to mention we also had wine and infused water. We were on just a tad of a sugar rush. The desserts turned out great and a lot of the ideas were from Pinterest.


Overall, the shower turned out to be a fun girl’s afternoon. This is my first go around at being the maid of honor so I am definitely learning a lot. Tonight is the bachelorette party which is sure to be a good time as well.

Love, lo


Eloise Fashion Show

by Lauren on May 4, 2012

About a year ago I did my first post on the O’More College Eloise Fashion Show. I really liked the idea of letting college students put on their own fashion show with all of the pieces they designed. One of the designers is even from Kansas City! To my surprise, these are no ordinary college fashionistas, they’re clothing looks like it could be right up there with DVF or Prada.

I was ecstatic when they asked me to cover the show again this year and although I will not be able to travel there, I will do a few posts about the show. Here is a look at some of the designs and the process of making the looks.

My personal favorite is the all white look.

The fashion show is May 11 at 8 p.m. and will be held in Liberty Hall at The Factory in Franklin, Tenn.

Love, lo


Lindy Sue’s Laundry Chic

by Lauren on May 2, 2012

When a friend contacted me to see if I was interested in profiling a product from a chic laundry store in California, I had no idea a new found need for chic laundry products would be found. Lindy Sue’s specializes in chic handmade laundry products. You can find everything from cute clothes pins to posh linen tea towels.

When I was asked to pick one product to use and blog about I seriously had a hard time just picking one! I ended up picking the Wilshire Boulevard Linen Tea Towels and am seriously obsessed with how cute they look in my kitchen.


Love the new addition to my kitchen, thank you Lindy Sue’s!

Love, lo