June 2012

He asked and I said yes…

by Lauren on June 25, 2012

So I thought this past weekend was going to be quiet and uneventful but boy was I wrong. I was completely surprised and ecstatic when Mike asked me to marry him this past Saturday night. You would think after 7 years of dating I would have seen it coming but I was still totally surprised. Here is a glimpse of the magical night.

Thankfully my family showed up a little after it happened to take pictures. It was an amazing weekend full of great memories with great family and friends. I am so happy to have the support of all the people I love. I am excited to spend the rest of my life with the best guy I know. And after 7 years its about dang time!

So here goes the journey of planning a wedding and I will definitely be using my blog to keep track of all my thoughts and ideas, as well as wanting some feedback from you. Let the wedding planning begin!

Love, lo

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Summer inspiration board

by Lauren on June 18, 2012

With the days getting longer and hotter, I was feeling inclined to make a summer inspiration board of all the must haves for the hot days ahead. I gathered a few things from my favorite stores including, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, World Market and Republic of Tea. Some of these things I have either already bought or they are on my must have list.

What are your favorite products for this time of year? Also, see where I got my inspiration for this post, here.

Love, lo


Estee Lauder

by Lauren on June 17, 2012

I finally decided to invest in some “big girl makeup” so I headed to Macy’s this past Saturday to look through the makeup counter. I honestly had no idea what brand I wanted to buy. I’ve always bought my makeup from Target. I headed to the Estee Lauder counter where the people were really friendly and knew what they were doing. I went to buy foundation, bronzer and eye shadow and came home with a ton of free product like their daywear cream, illuminator, mascara and lipstick. Take a look!

I loved how the lady did my makeup at the counter. Its a little more makeup then I actually wear but who knows maybe I will start doing my makeup like this for work.

I think I am going to have to go back and get the night cream and eye cream. EL is officially my go to for my makeup.

Let me know if your in the Overland Park area and want a referral to an EL makeup specialist.

Love, lo


Personal branding.

by Lauren on June 9, 2012

I had the recent opportunity to attend the GenKC networking event at the Kauffman Stadium. The event was primarily for interns in the Kansas City area to network and connect. I really enjoyed meeting interns from all over including Garmin, Black and Veatch and Burns Mcdonnell.


We had the opportunity to meet and hear from Ramsey Mohsen who talked about personal branding both in your personal life and your professional career. He had some great advice on how to develop yourself online. Ramsey is well known in Kansas City for video blogging and has covered some amazing events.

Here are some tips that I thought were helpful.

Be consistent, passionate and authentic in everything you do.

4:1 Rule- Post 4 things that link to someone else’s work for every 1 that you do of yourself.

To keep your social media active and consistent, spend 15 min in the morning and 15 min at night.

Social media facilitates communication, it does not replace it!

Instead of getting status through objects, do it through experiences.

Stop watching the Bachelor and work on your side projects!

This last tip cracks me up because its exactly what I have been trying to do. Even though it can be hard to get motivated after a long day of work, I really see the importance of developing yourself outside of work. Some things I have been recently working on are painting and biking.

love, lo


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Weekly adventures.

by Lauren on June 8, 2012

I thought it would be fun to share a couple instagram pictures with you from the week. They include coffee adventures, work events and social outings.


This downtown coffee shop used to be a car shop. It’s one of the best downtown places around.

Note the clear umbrella hanging from the ceiling with balloons. Brilliant!


Hope you had a fabulous week and are ready for an even better weekend!

love, lo