July 2012

My Wedding Inspiration.

by Lauren on July 15, 2012

Since anything and everything wedding has been on my mind, I thought I would share the sites that are helping me piece together my big day. It’s great all the wedding inspiration out there, however it can be a tad bit overwhelming. I have put together a list of sites that will help you plan without the stress.

The Knot.

This has to be the best wedding site out there. Theknot.com feels like a personal wedding planner. Its easy to use and tells you what the best of the best is in your area. This is how I found my venue and some great photographers. Some of my favorite things about The Knot is the monthly/weekly checklist and the helpful reminders they email to you.

Wedding Gawker.

It’s a Pinterest just for weddings! Weddinggawker.com has all the inspiration you have ever dreamed for. This site has helped me find my colors and the bridesmaid dresses I like. This is a great tool for when you first get started on the planning process.

The Perfect Wedding Guide.

Perfectweddingguide.com is ideal for finding out about different events in your area, including bridal shows and sales. They send you a guide in the mail and then also send you email updates for whats going on in your area. This is where I found out about two bridal shows coming up in KC and then also who is having sales on dresses.


Love, lo



Wedding inspiration.

by Lauren on July 1, 2012

I am so excited to share with you some “drawing board” ideas of inspiration for the wedding. Mike and I are thinking of getting married early next summer so I have some time to plan and get organized but it also never hurts to get started early.

With the wealth of ideas out there on Pinterest and The Knot, I’ve found a lot of ideas that fit Mike and I’s personality and what we want for a wedding.




As you can probably tell our colors will be coral, peach and cream. I absolutely love some of the personal touches that you can add to a wedding like wishes for the couple and to be able to sit wherever you want instead of taking sides. Just a few pictures that inspired me out of the many I have seen. Let me know if you have any ideas for sweet personal touches you can add to a wedding.


Love, lo