October 2012

PR in the Debates

by Lauren on October 21, 2012

The next topic from the conference I would like to share with you is the PR perspective in the debates. We heard from Michael Steele, MSNBC political analyst about decoding the debates and finding out what everything really means. It’s interesting to think about how each candidate is doing in terms of their public relations campaigns.

Michael Steele – political analyst for MSNBC

Public Relations in the Political Debates

Messaging is very important.
Obama had a great summer with his messaging.
Romney did well in the debates.
The power of PR is when you can personalize it which is what Romney did at the debates.
How you prepare your own client/campaign to do their own PR is very important.
A real moment in the campaign happened in the debates when Obama hung his head low and Romney showed his personality.
All the hard work of obama turned into nothing when Romney came out on the debates with confidence, body language and personality.
When your trying to reestablish with your brand you don’t want to over reach ex. New coca-cola.
Barack Obama has to reestablish his connection, using Mitt Romney as the tool to do that
Romney got people’s attention now it’s what he does with it.
Biden grabbed our attention, new fresh brand, punched back his candidate- good PR.
The political commercials did not change the way people vote, they already made up their minds before watching the TV.
Look for the personal connection that the candidate has with the people asking the questions.
How does the candidate engage the other candidate in their answers.
We don’t know how to talk about our values without coming off as arrogant or judgmental.

love, lo


Twitter – Top 4 things.

by Lauren on October 18, 2012

I had the opportunity to hear Biz Stone, co founder of Twitter speak at the conference I went to. It was so amazing to hear the social media legend and what he thought of failure, entrepreneurship, social media and the future of PR. I think the best part was seeing him so relaxed in jeans, converse and a warm-up jacket while the rest of us were in suits.

• Errors of mankind are far more interesting that the successes
• In order to succeed spectacularly you’re going to have to fail spectacularly
• Opportunity can be manufactured. Arrange your own circumstances and then take
advantage of them
Entrepreneurial Spirit
• Social media is the democratization of information
• You have to be emotionally invested in your project to see it succeed
• Social media is the triumph of humanity not the triumph of technology
Social Media
• Just because you see so much information online does not mean its new
knowledge, you have to be able to understand it
• Success = joy, impact & financial success
• Paint a picture of your character through your posts
• Be casual and just listen on Twitter
Future of PR
• Story telling
• Instead of corporate social responsibility it should be corporate social innovation
• Create real value for people
• Twitter will remains neutral technology and will stay out of the way of hindering
freedom of speech


Love, lo


Hello from San Fran.

by Lauren on October 17, 2012

As I write this blog post I’m sitting in a side street cafe in San Francisco and reflecting on the past few days. I am wrapping up my time at the National PRSSA conference and getting ready to head home. I thought I would share some bits and pieces of what I learned at this conference. It’s true what they say that after spending 5 days with over 800 PR students from around the country, you come out of this conference on a PR high!

A few big names I got to hear from while in San Fran include the Kevin Saghy, PR for the Chicago Cubs; Biz Stone, cofounder of Twitter; and Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora. I will be doing a three part blogging series of key points from these three living legends. Below is the top tips from Kevin Saghy.

Top Tips for Being a Good Leader
1. Honesty and Transparency
2. Set a strategy and corresponding goals
3. Members need to understand the big picture of the organization and how their work fits
4. Set expectations up front
5. Get buy-in from members before you make a big decision
6. Make your members feel like you need them and want their opinion on big decisions
7. Use what motivates your members to your advantage
8.People like to be heard
9.Be genuinely interested in others
10. Be a facilitator in your meetings
11. Let other people say it for you so they feel like they are contributing
12. Cast your ego aside and learn from those around you
13. Own up to your mistakes
14. Two words: THANK YOU!
15. Your followers don’t owe you anything so be appreciative of the work they do

love, lo


Engagement Photo Outfits.

by Lauren on October 4, 2012

Our engagement photos are fast approaching and I am beginning to think about outfit choices. I am planning for three outfits ranging from casual to semi-dressy. The tricky part is picking outfits that coordinate with what the fiance is wearing. Below are a few ideas.

Casual chic.







Source: jcrew.com via Brenna on Pinterest


I am not sure if these are the outfits I am going to go with but for right now its what I am thinking. I will make sure to post the pictures on here next month. Stay tuned for the best engagement picture poses.

Love, lo