January 2013

Wedding flowers.

by Lauren on January 30, 2013






























































All I can think about lately is wedding flowers! There are so many different options and styles that it can be a bit overwhelming. I finally decided on a few specific colors which are peach/blush and creme and specific flowers which are hydrangeas and roses. My personal floral style airs on the side of simple yet romantic. For those of you getting married or if you just like thinking about wedding flowers, here are some tips from what I have learned about finding your personal floral style.

Tips for picking the perfect flowers for your wedding:

1. Out of your wedding colors, pick some of the more neutral tones for your flowers to compliment the rest of the wedding. For instance, my bridesmaids are wearing coral dresses which add a lot of color so for their flowers will be on the cream/blush side.

2. Think long term. What I mean by this is make sure to not pick anything too trendy that could go out of style in a few years. When you look back at your wedding pictures 10 years from now, you want to like  what your flowers looked like.

3. Save Money! Several tricks I have learned to save money on flowers have been to reuse the ceremony aisle pieces as the reception table centerpieces. This helps get way more use out of your flowers especially since the ceremony is typically pretty short. If you really want to save money, you can even use some of the bridesmaid’s bouquets as centerpieces later in the night after pictures.

Happy Wedding planning!

love, lo


Hello from Iowa.

by Lauren on January 28, 2013



















































I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is refreshed and ready for the week ahead. I spent the weekend in Ames, Iowa to visit my sister. Although the weather was less than pleasant, I still had a wonderful time. We always tend to eat and eat when we go up to visit and this trip was no different. We stopped at a cozy coffee shop and sipped on raspberry lattes. Then that night we hit up the best BBQ joint in town and the next morning we has an organic brunch. Needless to say, I will have to watch it this week to make up for the weekend!

I still love going to different college towns and visiting even if I did already graduate. Each college town has such a unique personality! It was quite a fun weekend!

Love, lo



Have a bright weekend

by Lauren on January 24, 2013

PetrinaTinslay- coral

Have a splendid weekend  and do stay warm! I thought these coral flowers did just the trick to brighten the weekend ahead. I will be spending Friday night with the fiancé, having a much needed date and relaxing night. Later in the weekend, I will be traveling to Iowa to visit my sister and to see the K-State Wildcats take on the Iowa State Cyclones. AND if I have time, I must address our wedding Save the Dates (yay they are finally in).

See you Monday!

love, lo 


CFG Talk. Work life balance.

by Lauren on January 24, 2013






Something I want to introduce along with the CFG rebranding is a segment called CFG talk. I want to use this to talk about some important topics that I am thinking about and feel free if you have topics you would like me to discuss, feel free to send me a message. I think its important to use this blog for open and honest ideas and thoughts.

SO today I wanted to talk about how to stay balanced while working a demanding job and while maintaing an interesting personal life. It is crazy how much time you can spend at work and then only have a few hours in the evening to yourself for working out, running errands and preparing for the next day. I have been doing some research on the best ways to stay balanced and this is what I’ve come  up with.

Drop Activities that Sap your Energy- When your day is jam-packed, the last thing you want to do is take part in something that brings you down. This can be something like talking to a friend who brings you down. You don’t have time for this so let it go!

Treat Yourself-the occasional pedicure or massage is something that completely revitalizes me. Splurge, occasionally, on yourself to help you stay energized  and happy, AND don’t feel guilt about it.

Create Daily Routines- Setting routines during the day helps me accomplish all that I want to. I hit the gym on my way home from work, instead of going home before (and then probably not making it to the gym.) This helps me not stress about the day because its routine.

Be Flexible- This is so important for staying balanced. When something comes up during your day that you didn’t plan for, be able to readjust your busy schedule and don’t stress because everything will eventually get done.

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love, lo


CFG’s new layout

by Lauren on January 21, 2013






CFG is in the process of a makeover! as you can tell some of the site has already been redone but there will also be minor changes happening throughout the next few weeks.  The purpose of CFG’s revamp is to provide you a site that inspires, captures and collaborates on anything that interest you and I. I am excited for the new CFG because of the more richer posts, inspiring pictures and more honest thoughts.

I hope you like and along the way, feel free to share what you would like to read more about or see on CFG.

Cheers to a new look and new possibility!

love, lo


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Travel bug.

by Lauren on January 18, 2013

 Who doesn’t have the travel bug, especially now with the cold winter weather? I have been thinking about travel a lot lately due to my new job and the possibility of traveling a lot. As soon as they mentioned travel in my job orientation, I started to think of all the places I have still yet to visit. These are just a few on my list.

Amalfi Coast.

London, England.




I think often we wait for the perfect time to go travel overseas but in reality that “perfect” time never comes. I am determined to go abroad within the next five years. Traveling helps me stay motivated and inspired. It encourages me to continue to grow as a person. I say embrace the travel bug while you can.

love, lo


New beginnings.

by Lauren on January 13, 2013

It seems fitting that with the new year, comes new beginnings. My new beginning starts tomorrow as I start my first adult job, thats right people no more internships! woo hoo! After having various internships, I am very ready to have an actual job. So tomorrow, I start at Cerner as a Professional Business Services Consultant. I am both extremely excited and nervous about this opportunity. I am fully ready to be challenged, stretched and grown in new directions from this opportunity.

Sometimes the best way to embrace change is to face it head on and give it everything you have without looking back. I am ready for this new chapter of my life and hope whatever life is throwing at you right now that you are able to embrace it as well.

love, lo


Oh so artsy.

by Lauren on January 9, 2013

A little time off calls for some crafting time! I got this idea from Pinterest to make canvases with quotes on them. I love how unique the canvases look with all the layers of paint and scrapbook paper. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to make these. I hung mine in my bathroom so I can see the quote every morning.


{Step 1: Get a blank canvas at the art store. It can be any size but just make sure its big enough to fit the quote you choose.}


{Step 2: Tear random pieces of scrapbook paper and modge podge them onto your canvas. Make sure to modge podge over the paper as well and then let dry.} Hint: You can also use magazine or newspapers instead of scrapbook paper.



{Step 3: Let the canvas dry completely and then use scrapbook sticker letters and write your quote on top of the scrapbook paper. Then use acrylic paint and paint over the scrapbook paper and your letters. You can use a solid color or paint a design like I did with the chevron pattern.


{Step 4: Let the paint dry completely! Then peel off your sticker letters to reveal your quote with the scrapbook paper peeking from underneath.


Here is another example of the one my sister did. Both of ours are completely different but thats what makes this project so cool. It lets your own style and personality shine through. Happy crafting!


Love, lo