March 2013

White wish list.

by Lauren on March 24, 2013

Yet another snow has come and hit us again and as I look out my window, all I see is white! Lately white has been associated with cold winter weather but  after seeing these pictures, it makes me think of warmer days ahead. My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon to Key West, FL and I am currently craving the dress below as a casual day look or swimsuit cover up for the trip.




Pictures// 1, 2, 3


Fashion mayhem.

by Lauren on March 20, 2013

It is so interesting to see how fashion blogs have completely taken off and are so popular. They have become almost an addiction! I know that personally, fashion blogs provide an outlet for creativity and inspiration. The people we follow on the big fashion blogs have almost become like celebrities.

New York fashion week recently happened which draws fashion bloggers from all over. As you can imagine it also draws a bunch of unique styles that local photographers go crazy over. The video Take My Picture describes this new frenzy perfectly. Seeing these fashionable people on the streets is unique because people can relate to these “normal” people who are bloggers, writers, entrepreneurs… and are inspired to see such inspiring personal styles.


love, lo


Anthro love.

by Lauren on March 17, 2013

I have been wanting to decorate my cubicle at work with some eclectic pieces that have an international feel. I had a little free time this weekend so I headed over to Anthropologie and found some must haves that will look great on my desk. I was so inspired to see all the unique decorating that Anthropologie incorporates into their stores. Its so refreshing to shop somewhere that goes beyond standard style and incorporates different cultures into their products.















{Anthro find to spice up my cubicle. I plan to fill the dish with paperclips. push pins etc}


{Pizza Paddles decorate a wall of a local Anthropologie store}

love, lo




by Lauren on March 2, 2013

There is something about Saturdays that I love so much! Maybe its the lazy mornings, time to catch up with friends or palling around town. My sister was in town this weekend so we did a bit of shopping and catching up.

This look was casual enough for a Saturday but perfect for a girls weekend. The cream sweater I’m wearing is to die for soft and cozy for the chilly weather (notice the snow in the background).



Weekender 1