April 2013

Random musings.

by Lauren on April 3, 2013

Today was a rather ordinary but extraordinary day. I took the most amazing yoga class at Darling Yoga . I bought a deal on Groupon for a month of unlimited classes. The one I took today was a mix of hatha and vinyasa yoga mixed with aromatherapy.  A unique touch to the class was when the instructor put on audio of people telling how they express gratitude while we were in a stretching pose. It was powerful to hear how people both young and old express their gratitude each and every day. One of the stories reminded us that we only have today and today i s a gift. It was very healing and grounding!

A few random musings from around the web below for a little mid week inspiration. Remember its enjoying and taking in the small things around us like different scents, clouds in the sky or the colorful world around us.