October 2013

currently coveting.

by Lauren on October 31, 2013

finding a new fashion website always makes me happy but when everything is under $50, i just can’t resist. while reading my daily blog roll, i found the website Sheinside and was browsing through there clothes. i will say you might have to dig a little but its totally worth it when you find something you like. These are some of the clothes that I found that I might just have to get.sweater2










































can we just talk about this dress with accents of leather or the aztec

printed sweater? i might end up getting the black sweater, i love how unique it is.

love, lo



by Lauren on October 25, 2013

as i promised in my previous post, here are the pictures from my recent weekend trip. my dad, sister and i thought it would be fun to take a quick trip up to Minneapolis. my favorite part of the trip was the farmer’s market out on the water front. it was just such a happy place with the local musicians, artists and farmers all running their stands with the local fare.

my sister has a love for photography and snapped a bunch of pictures of the farmer’s market so I thought I would share a few. i am kind of obsessed with the pictures of the fresh flowers and carrots just plucked from the ground. also, the arrow bracelet that I am wearing is from the local artist i mentioned in the previous post. (all photos are credited to Lindsey Swirbul)

Minn1  Minn6


arrow to my heart.

by Lauren on October 23, 2013

hi loves. two weekends ago, my dad, sister and I took a weekend vacation to minneapolis (pictures coming soon!) just for the heck of it. sometimes it’s so nice to just get away for a day or two. we stayed downtown in the theatre and art district, which who knew that minneapolis had a cool theatre district. it was nice to have some quality time with the family.

one morning, we took the train to the waterfront with the most spectacular farmer’s market. i tried the best kale, apples and cheese you could imagine. One of my special finds though was a local artist. the artist, Larrisa Loden makes beautiful medal jewelry that is super unique. i bought the arrow bracelet below and am currently loving it! take a look at some of her other stuff on her website and below.