November 2013

happy chilly weekend.

by Lauren on November 24, 2013

I love fall weather and this time of year with the holidays but when I say I like this time of year it doesn’t mean I want to skip straight to winter. We headed up to Iowa this weekend to see my sister and go to a football game. We were greeted by snow in Iowa and a temperature of 8 degrees that felt like 0 degrees. We spent the afternoon huddled in a coffee shop, enjoying sweet pumpkin lattes that warmed our frozen fingers. The husband finally convinced me to go out to the football game for a little bit but let just say an hour outside was way too long.



However, after a great weekend with family and coming home with all our toes (it was a close call last night with someone’s toes getting close to frost bite) it was a weekend well spent.


Faves around the web.

by Lauren on November 9, 2013

i just finished my second half-marathon this morning and boy was it tough but we got extremely lucky and lucked out with beautiful fall weather. i decided this afternoon is perfect for lounging on our deck and blogging to enjoy the weather and rest my legs. as i was looking through my blogroll this morning, there were a few things that caught my eye that i thought i would share.

most popular children’s names by state and year. a cool info graphic that changes by the year. not surprised to see the names jessica, ashley and emily make the list.

dulce de leche cookiesthese look divine and even better its by a blogger from england, making it all the more cool.


















table setting cheat sheet. just in time for the holidays! this gives you every scenario and how to set up for it.

moscow mule recipe. my new fav drink that comes in the most chic copper mug I have ever seen. plus the recipe is from Oprah so you know its good.














love, lo