April 2014

rainy day wear.

by Lauren on April 25, 2014

earlier in the week i mentioned that i was coveting several trench coats for spring. well my birthday is coming up so i treated myself to an early birthday present and bought the second one that i talked about in my post. its rained the past few days which have been perfect for showing it off. my birthday is this weekend and i am looking forward to relaxing and celebrating. i am attending the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Ball this weekend for work and it just so happens to fall on my birthday. it will be a great way to celebrate and support a good cause. have a wonderful weekend!





































































love, lo


why i run.

by Lauren on April 21, 2014

i just started training for my third half-marathon recently and it got me thinking as to why i put in the countless miles on the pavement for just one race day. why do i run? i feel like there are so many reasons as to why i choose to run that it could fill up multiple blog posts. there are just a few reasons that really motivate me to run with all i have. my love/hate relationship with running began with cross-country in high school. i still remember getting up at 5:30 a.m. to go run with the team before school started (this is the hate part of the relationship) but i also remember the dedication and endurance that i learned from it. i truly think this is a skill that has stuck with me into my career.


















let’s fast forward to why i run right now. although running makes me physically feel good, it also makes me feel good mentally. i have never felt so great both physically and mentally than the last time i trained for a half marathon. its empowering to know that your body can run 13.1 miles and that you will survive and maybe even enjoy it.

to be quite honest, running has also helped me get through the death of my mother this past year. it was the most challenging and earth shattering things i have ever gone through. some days i felt like i was just going to crumble and then i got out on the pavement and started running. with every mile, the anger and the sadness drifted away and i was able to see more clearly. i was able to see that i was strong and could get through this. with every minute that passed on my Garmin, i felt like i could slowly make peace with it. i still struggle with my mom’s death and it will always be a part of me but to be able to focus my energy on running, which seems so hard and yet so rewarding, has been an amazing part of my healing. running is my chance to push the boundaries and get to a place where i didn’t think was possible. that is why i run.


















p.s. i will share my training program for the half-marathon soon!

love, lo


happy easter weekend.

by Lauren on April 19, 2014

just wanted to pop in and say happy easter weekend. i hope yours is full of sugary peeps, colored eggs and time spent outdoors. the husband and i are celebrating with my family tonight with a good old fashion BBQ at my dad’s house (my dad makes the best brisket and ribs) and then tomorrow morning we are going out to brunch with my husband’s family. overall, it will be a splendid weekend spent with loved ones. i have been craving some family time so this weekend more than makes up for it. happy easter!

Easter picture 1Easter picture 2


love, lo


trench coat coveting.

by Lauren on April 18, 2014

i am in the market for a spring coat and have been looking around for something structured for work and light enough for spring weather. my favorite option so far has been the classic trench coat. i love the classic look and am craving something i can throw over spring dresses or white jeans. i’ve narrowed it down to the options below but can’t decide which option is best. all you fashionistas out there, i need your help deciding on which coat.













































all of these coats are from Amazon. i was surprised to see Amazon had such great fashion but they have some seriously cute stuff. i won an Amazon gift card last week so i thought i would at least look to see if they had anything cute.

my favorite out of these three is the second one with black edging, of course its the most expensive but hey thats what birthdays are for right?

love, lo


you are enough.

by Lauren on April 15, 2014

it took me awhile to get the guts to write this post but i think it is important to share because every women goes through it. lately i have felt like my self-esteem has been on a roller coaster where it is up one day and down the next. it took me awhile to notice what would make me feel like my self-esteem was lower than normal and honestly its when i am around other women who are totally rocking it and are awesome at what they do. once i figured out what was triggering it, i felt almost guilty because i felt like i needed to be genuinely happy for them instead of letting it affect me. don’t get me wrong i am still inspired by other strong women but i had to do some soul searching to figure out why i was feeling that way.

by acknowledging how your feeling, you are able to address your feelings head on. so thats exactly what i am doing. i have been continually refocusing my energy on my journey versus worrying about what everyone else is doing. i think it is a process and takes time but i think its the best thing you can do for yourself.

























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love, lo


weekend attire.

by Lauren on April 12, 2014

can we just be honest here for a minute? i love not dressing up on the weekends. sure every once in awhile for special occasions it is fun but really all I want to do on the weekends is go makeup free and let my hair go natural. its how i unwind best after a long week. i throw off my heels and opt for jeans and a light knit shirt and let the relaxing begin. the one thing that goes well with a relaxed look is brunch with my gal pals. i spent last sunday at the farmhouse for brunch in the river market with a group of inspiring women. of course we had mimosas, delicious food and went home with goody bags. the farmhouse is a farm to table restaurant that supports local farmers. the food was delicious and the interior was urban chic. here is what i wore.





















































love, lo


inspirational weekend.

by Lauren on April 11, 2014

i absolutely love weekends but what i love more is when they are full of inspiration. this past weekend was just that! i had the opportunity to attend the Go Blog Social conference and then the Pepperologie brunch hosted by Jessie from Style and Pepper. i was completely blown away at both events by the amazing women i met and the inspiration that i was surrounded by. it sounds cheesy but it was great to be around people who were like me in many ways but very different as well. Here are some tid bits from what i learned and some snap shots of the weekend.

photo 5-4photo 4-6photo 1-13photography 101 – Amanda Marie Lackey

1. always shoot your photographs during the day to get natural light. if you do use natural light you won’t need filters on social media. the best time to take a photograph is an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise.

2. use a white clean background when you take photographs to give it a crisp clean look. you can buy a white poster board from a craft store.

3. don’t take photographs in your social media apps on your smartphone but instead use the regular camera on your phone. the quality of the picture will turn out better.


networking online and offline – Nicole from Cedar and Rush

1. socialize. participate in events because it makes you more memorable when people can meet you in person.

2. give back. attend others’ events to support them and if you say your going to show up then actually show up.  give peoples’ events a recap on your blog to give them some press.

3. follow up. send emails after conferences to attendees that you received business cards from. its a nice touch to let them know that you loved meeting them and would like to stay in touch.


thinking beyond the blog – Jessie from Style and Pepper

1. make it a business. if you don’t take your site seriously then others won’t either. once you view your blog as a professional business, it will help you respect yourself and your blog more.

2. make it your own. create content with value that people will want to read. write the content as if its through your lens and incorporates your voice.

3. make an impact. hone in on your cause and make it deeper than just yourself. this will help you fall in love with blogging all over again. and don’t forget to weave your cause into your blogging story.


love, lo


coral lips & lace.

by Lauren on April 9, 2014

my second outfit for go blog social was all about spring essentials – a maxi skirt, lace top and statement necklace. i think i was most inspired by the fashion that i saw at the conference. everyone had their own unique style. you could almost picture what their blog looked like just by looking at their outfit. i was also inspired to try a more vibrant lip color which i wore with this outfit.

side note on the new lip color – I told my friend Caitlin on Friday night that i absolutely needed a new lip color for the event on Saturday. everything i have is too sheer and doesn’t have enough pigment. so Caitlin said she would come help me pick out a lip color, well it turns out it was pretty late and Beauty Brands was already closed so we swung by a downtown CVS. when i say downtown, i mean a couple blocks down from Troost (for those of you not from KC, Troost is the worst area of the city). Caitlin and I swing into CVS and bolt to the makeup section wasting no time at all. we proceed to test out every lip color on the back of our hand and take some selfies because there was no mirror. meanwhile all of CVS including the security guard is watching the mayhem unfold. needless to say we made it a quick trip but could not stop laughing at the scene we had just created. oh what women will do for the perfect lip color!



















































a list of other bloggers i met at the conference that i thought i would share:

Gussied Up 

Jana Style

Fashionable Way

Cedar and Rush

One Little Black Blog


love, lo


ivy & pleather.

by Lauren on April 6, 2014

if you have been following me on Twitter and Instagram lately, you have probably seen me talking about the conference i went to this weekend called Go Blog Social. i highly recommend attending a blogger conference, whether you have been blogging for a few months or are a veteran. the ideas that were shared and the people that i got to meet were amazing. it was well worth the money to attend. if you missed this one, don’t worry because i will be sharing some highlights from a few of the sessions in upcoming blog posts.

the most important part of any blog conference is the fashion! i picked up a fews items from local boutiques including this spring top i am wearing and the pleather eyelet blazer. i was so comfortable in this outfit, which was necessary considering the 12 hour day we had. details of  my outfit are below.



pleather eyelet blazer via 

spring colored top via

white jeans via

nude wedges via

mint earrings via

love, lo




by Lauren on April 2, 2014

lately has been busy but extremely exciting with lots of events on the weekend and after work so i thought i would hare a few snapshots of what i have been up to lately. lets just say the days have been filled with lovely blogger brunches, medical school prom and going to the kansas city symphony with a good friend.

photo 3-9photo 1-11photo 2-10

decorations at a fabulous blogger brunch i went to a couple of weekends ago that i realized i never shared pictures from. i was obsessed with the donut holes and the arrow they used to keep them together. precious! i also got the most adorable pair of eating from the brunch from a local company called Hello Cheeseburger.















my husband and i at the Grande Affair medical school prom. i am so extremely proud of him and all his hard work so it was the perfect way to celebrate.

photo 3-10














a friend and i had a girl’s evening and had dinner in the Crossroads Art District and then went to the Kansas City Symphony at the Kauffman Center. the music was spectacular and we both agreed that we wish we would have stuck with playing an instrument.


love, lo