May 2014

margarita weekend.

by Lauren on May 31, 2014











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happy weekend! even though the week was short, it ended up feeling much longer than it was. there is always so much catching up to do after a week long vacation. this weekend the hubby and i are celebrating our one year anniversary of being married by going to the restaurant where he proposed. we’ve also coined this past week “anniversary week” where we spent some extra time together after work. we will also be celebrating my dad’s birthday this weekend with an impromptu Mexican fiesta at our apartment (margaritas included!). i haven’t hosted a get together in awhile so i am looking forward to having people over to our apartment again.

hope you have a splendid warm weekend and here are some links from around the web:

an inspiring TED talk 

more cheesy goodness for your next grilled cheese

just finished reading this


i want this kimono


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style craze: strappy sandal

by Lauren on May 28, 2014

i hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day weekend. i had the most amazing time in San Diego and was able to fully recharge and relax. vacations always allow me to have a little more free time to do things that i don’t typically have time for like shopping. California had many inspiring trends that i can’t wait to try out.

one of the trends that i have been obsessing over are strappy sandals but i was a little overwhelmed with my options. after doing a little digging, i found several cute pairs on ShoeMint and just had to share. i can’t decide which ones to buy but am leaning towards the black and powder blue pair. i own so many nude pairs of sandals that i think it is time to branch out for something a little different.

















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see you in a few.

by Lauren on May 22, 2014

just popping by to say that i am leaving for vacation and although i absolutely love this space, i won’t be blogging during my trip. i am planning on totally refreshing and soaking up as much inspiration as possible to bring back to share with you here. follow along on instagram for trip details and pretty pictures of sun, sand and food (i can’t resist a few foodie pictures). hope you all have a lovely memorial day weekend!




















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fashion for a cause.

by Lauren on May 21, 2014

Rock the Block Fashion Show was this last weekend and it was full of fabulous fashion. even better, it was for a good cause. the fashion show benefited Wayside Waifs and even had a few pups in the fashion show. Caitlin and I went to the show together and sat front row and were mesmerized by all of the fab fashion.

a few of my favorite looks from the evening included glam workout wear and some chic flower crowns. a few other trends that made a  debut were jean vests, jumpsuits and lace.




































































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what’s a girl to wear.

by Lauren on May 18, 2014

whats a girl to wear to an outdoor fashion show and a full workday beforehand? this past friday was the Rock the Block Fashion Show at the Power and Light District. i came right after work so i had to dress in something office appropriate but also fashion show worthy. ultimately, i went with a lace peplum top from Anthro and a pleather blazer. i wore nude clogs and had my trench coat on hand since it was a bit chilly. the event benefited Wayside Waifs and even had a few pups in the show. it was so great to see all of the bloggers from Go Blog Social and KCFW.


p.s. pictures from the fashion show will be up soon! check back soon for jean vests, flower crowns and chic workout wear. 

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simple sparkle.

by Lauren on May 13, 2014

what do you wear after running nine miles and are on your way to a coffee date with a friend? something casual of course! this outfit was the perfect choice for a laid-back Saturday and yes I really did run nine miles, did i tell you i am training for a half-marathon. ek! its coming up soon too so the training must go on. the best part is, is that i am running it with my sister. somehow we bond over running 13.1 miles together and all of the miles beforehand. it must be a sister thing. ha!

for my casual Saturday outfit, i paired white jeans from Gap, a summer staple, with a soft tee from Banana Republic. the tee has tiny rhinestones and pearls throughout. a girl has to have a little sparkle, right? i added my new striped Gap loafers and topped it off with my Banana Republic nude tote. hm, can you tell what my favorite stores are?


casual 4casual 1Casual 2casual 3

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to be content.

by Lauren on May 11, 2014

i am reminded today on Mother’s Day to be content with what i have. to be overwhelmingly happy with the people that bless me each end every day, who hold me up and encourage me along this journey. i was blessed to have a wonderful mother but have continued to be blessed with strong women in my life who have taught me what it means to work hard and to thrive. i am so thankful for all of the women in my life. the women who have made it through some of life’s toughest battles but who have not lost their spirit in the process. Happy Mother’s Day to you mothers who are celebrating for the first time with little ones or to those of you who have been celebrating for 30 years. today is about celebrating the women in your life who make you a better person and make this world a more beautiful place.




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perfectly patterned pants.

by Lauren on May 9, 2014

did i ever tell you about that one time that Caitlin and i were trying to take outfit pictures around tons of screaming and running kids? well it happened during this photo shoot, hence the semi panicked look. lets just say i am definitely not ready for kids…yet. anyways life has been moving steadily along lately and i have been dreaming about the beach and have a good case of wanderlust. that vacation better hurry up and get here!

to be honest, i haven’t blogged in a few days because i was totally not feeling inspired about anything and was in a content rut. that being said, i am working on a content overhaul to continue and do better at bringing you more quality content regularly. if you all have any suggestions i would love to hear them. as always i want this content to be relevant to YOU. inspiration hit me when i put these patterned pants on. this outfit reminds me of a mens wear look. its tailored yet polished and fits my work style. i even wore it out with a friend for juicing at our new favorite place.

Pattern 5

Pattern 8Pattern 4Pattern 6Pattern 3

























by Lauren on May 5, 2014

this weekend was full of catching up with different groups of gal pals and running around town for drinks, lunch on the patio and coffee dates. it was the perfect weekend. i am always so inspired by my girls and how they cope with some of life’s crazy challenges. it is so inspiring to see my friends succeed and go after their dreams of what they have always wanted to do. they say that you become like the friends you hang out with most and i can honestly say thank goodness because these girls are rocking it. okay i am stepping off my soap box but just wanted to let you know that my buds are totally rocking it!

april seems to always be full of fun events and activities. it is also my birthday month! with all of the fun though comes a couple of hard days as well, april is also the month of my mom’s birthday and also when she passed away. so needless to say this month was a roller coaster of emotions but i wanted to share some pictures of the month.

photo 2-13












a new outfit i got for my birthday. totally digging navy blue patterns lately

photo 4-7












mike and i attended the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Ball as a part of one of my work events.

photo 5-5












a guilty pleasure of mine is to eat breakfast on the deck and catch up on my favorite blogs.


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vacation mindset.

by Lauren on May 1, 2014

with work  in full swing and busy weeks ahead, i can’t help but think about vacationing on a beach somewhere. we are in the midst of planning a vacation later this month and i think the destination of choice is going to be San Diego. if anyone has any recommendations on places to eat or see, i would love to hear!

if you aren’t getting away on a trip in the near future, you can always adapt to the vacation mindset. although its not exactly the same, it always does the trick for me. i try an take every weekend and treat it as a mini vacation. It always seems to rejuvenate and inspire me. sometimes the best part of a vacation is the creativity it induces.







































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