June 2014

styling: fit and flare.

by Lauren on June 30, 2014

obsession is an understatement for these dresses that i cannot stop buying. they are a fit and flare style, meaning the are fitted on top but flare out around your waist. i started by buying one from Madewell and then couldn’t help myself by buying another one from Gap this weekend. i think i am obsessed with this look because i can wear them to work but also out for drinks with my girls. a friend and i were sitting at a coffee shop this past weekend discussing how hard it is to find something appropriate for work but cute enough to wear out after no matter if its drinks, dinner or a professional event.

several tips i follow when styling fit and flare dresses:

1. always pair with some sort of necklace since the neckline comes up high. i choose a statement and a monogram for the looks below.

2. don’t feel like you have to wear heels with these dresses. a dressy flat sandal will do.

3. if showing you shoulders is a no-go at work, pair your fit and flare dress with a blazer. for the looks below i would pair with my nude blazer.


love, lo


{outfit post} tulip twist.

by Lauren on June 26, 2014

with summer in full swing, i am constantly looking for  light-weight colorful pieces to add to my outfits. when Tulip Boutique on the Country Club Plaza asked me to style this chiffon scarf and teal earrings, i couldn’t resist. the vibrant color of the scarf matched this dress I recently picked up from Madewell and the best part is you can wear this scarf as a poncho as well.

a couple other local bloggers and i are featured for this month’s Tulip Twist on Tulip Facebook page. if you like my outfit, please go on over to their page and vote for me with letter F. i so appreciate everyone’s support especially my lovely blog readers. so if you feel compelled and are digging my outfit go ahead and go on over and vote.

Tulip 1Tulip 2Tulip 4Tullip Twist 1

























































love, lo



by Lauren on June 23, 2014




















after a long internal debate, i decided to participate in the #RealBloggerBeauty campaign. #RealBloggerBeauty is about sharing your REAL story because often times blogs can be about all the good in someone’s world. often times we post the best moments, the best picture and the best thoughts on our blogs. although this can be fun to read about, it isn’t the complete picture. everyone has a deeper story than what people see on blogs. this campaign is about sharing your story and the struggles that make up life. here goes my story:

we all often have moments or pieces of our life that impact us and change us forever. April of last year is the moment that forever changed me, it’s when my mother passed away, unexpectedly. i cannot describe that moment when I found out that my mother, my best friend, my role model was gone. forever. i felt completely numb, i felt like the world was spinning out of control around me. i felt like the world had turned its back on me and i was lost.

as a young woman who loses her mother 2 months before her wedding, you feel completely lost and upset and angry and hurt. losing a parent is one of the hardest things you will ever go through! it rocks you to your core. but what i realized months after is that, i was okay. I was still breathing, i was still living. i didn’t have to crumble and just stop, i could pick up the broken pieces and live forward, for the one i lost. the one who is always with me in my heart. going through something like this has taught me that i am a lot stronger than i ever thought i was. it has taught me to cherish life and the loved ones in it because it can be taken so fast. i now stop and smell the roses every once in awhile. losing my mom will be something i struggle with every single day but the fact is, that life will throw you some curveballs that rock your world and seem like the worst thing in the world. except, you can get through it. you will survive it and continue living forward. you will not get over it and will not forget it but you will live forward. life is tough but so are you!

love, lo


summer hue.

by Lauren on June 20, 2014

i love the summer months especially with the longer days. the light in the mornings and nights are so refreshing and i swear make me more productive. with the warmer days, comes new summer fashion and while i am always eager to shed my winter layers, it can be tough to pick something work appropriate. i often opt for white jeans or trousers and peplum tops; however, this dress is my new summer work staple. several rules i follow when picking summer clothes for work: always go for a length an inch above the knee or longer, some sort of sleeves are a must and the neckline should not be too revealing. i think bright colors are must in the corporate world. They add a bit of vibrancy!

pink dress 2pink dress 3pink dress 1pink dress 4





































































love, lo


be gentle.

by Lauren on June 18, 2014

something has been on my mind lately that i thought i would share. the idea of being gentle on ourselves is one that is complicated yet compelling. i can be somewhat of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to doing well at work and often times am unforgiving of myself if i make mistakes. the reality is that we all make mistakes and have to start somewhere. so why not be more forgiving and gentle with ourselves. i find that i can do many more great things when i am loving to myself. so take an extra moment before hopping out of bed in the morning, or eat that yummy dessert, go on a long walk for pure bliss and take a deep breath because at the end of the day you have done your very best and you deserve it. have an amazon week!

bliss 3bliss 4bliss 5





































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love, lo


peach & champagne.

by Lauren on June 16, 2014

i thought it would be fun to showcase some of the jewelry that will be at the Stella and Dot trunk show on Sunday. i can’t wait to sip some wine and shop some beautiful baubles. the peach jewelry shown below was perfect for an all white summer ensemble. i mixed a few bangles to create an arm party and paired it with matching earrings. this outfit ended up being a great father’s day look to hang out with the family and eat some BBQ. i am all about relaxed casual on the weekend but these beautiful jewels definitely added a pop of sparkle. hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoy the week.


S&D 1S&D7S&D4





































































love, lo


mark your calendars: fashion & fun

by Lauren on June 10, 2014

i am so excited to tell you about an upcoming event that i am hosting that i would absolutely love for all of my blogger buds to know about. I will be hosting my first Stella & Dot party, the company that makes the adorable baubles that we have all been  obsessing over. Not only will we be shopping some fabulous jewelry but also having a girls afternoon sipping some wine and relaxing. i can’t think of a better way to spend a sunday afternoon than sipping some rose and trying on all kinds of different jewelry. an invite to the event is below and don’t forget to join the FB event if you would like to come. the more the merrier for some fashion and fun.


p.s. come back soon for a few of my favorite pieces of Stella & Dot jewelry styled my way.

love, lo


crop top craze.

by Lauren on June 6, 2014

I have been eyeing the crop top trend lately but have been waiting for the perfect one before taking the plunge. On a recent trip to San Diego, we snuck in a little shopping before we left and stopped into a European boutique called Brandy Melvin. Obsessed. I ended up buying a soft white crop top that fits like a dream. I brought the new purchase home and was a little stuck with styling it so I thought a styling post would be the perfect inspiration. Below are two ways to style this new trend. One with white denim and the other with a maxi skirt. I chose two looks that take advantage of this trend but aren’t super skimpy. I am not a fan of showing midriff. Now go out there and get yourself a crop top!

crop top

love, lo


2 ways to style a kimono.

by Lauren on June 4, 2014

i must admit that lately i have been deviating from my normal shopping habit of buying basics and have started to buy more on-trend pieces. my latest purchase was a kimono. the asian inspired trend has taken off but how do you make it work for an every day look and even a work casual outfit? i styled a kimono two ways below – one is more casual for running errands and the other fancy for the office. i love buying trendy pieces but often find myself a little stuck when it comes to styling them so planning my outfits ahead of time allows me to experiment with several different looks before i commit. i hope you muster up the courage to buy a kimono because not only are they comfy, they are adorable!


love, lo