kc fashion designer: Chante Gossett

by Lauren on January 22, 2014

One of the reasons I like Facebook is purely to see what people are up to. Now that I am a couple years out of college and ‘real life’ has begun I have noticed what cool things people are doing. Many of my friends and peers from high school are not only going after their dreams but making them happen.

I had the opportunity to interview a local fashion designer, Chante Gossett. Although Chante says she is just getting started, her designs are amazing and remind me of something out of vogue. I was eager to talk with her and hear how she has gotten her start and where she finds inspiration. Fashion lovers get ready to be in heaven!

















(all photos credited to Crystal Farris)

1. How did you get started with creating your own fashion line?

I’ve always wanted to get into the fashion world for as long as I can remember. When I would go to draw, it somehow always turned into drawing clothing. When I was in college the most logical path to what I wanted to do was to apply to become a part of the Textile Design program at KU. It made the most sense to me since we don’t have a fashion program. This became an incredible jumping off point for me, I finally was learning skills that I could actually apply to creating handmade clothing.

It started with a few pieces here and there and then a friend of mine had done West 18th St. Fashion Show and told me to apply, so I did. I got in and created a five piece collection so I think that was really my first full foray into executing a small collection. After that it took me a while to get back to work and I just released my SS 14 collection this past November in a Showcase that I put on at the Bauer. It turned out to be a great event and we had a huge turnout, the collection I created for SS14 was eight pieces.

















2. Tell us a little bit about the creative process you go through when creating new pieces? Where do you find inspiration?

When I go to design, I first think of what I want the inspiration or concept to be and what type of girl or environment I envision for the clothing. A lot of my inspiration comes from these imagined scenarios or environments that I see these clothes existing in. Art history has also proved to be a huge inspiration for me and I constantly find myself feeling as though I’m referencing famous pieces or my favorite artists.

















3. Where do you see yourself and your fashion line in 5 years? 

My end goal is for my line to become a functioning small independent brand based in KC where I have a team in studio making the fabrics with me, producing the clothing somewhere in the states, have a showroom in NYC and stocking in select boutiques around the world.

















p.s. be looking for a post tomorrow called Trendy Two where a friend and I each give our take on a hot new trend!

love, lo

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