inner sparkle.

by Lauren on February 11, 2014

although these sparkly pants are absolutely fabulous, i want to talk about something more serious than fantastic fashion. the topic of inner beauty has been on my mind lately because it makes up a huge part of any woman. as i was doing yoga today, i was listening to pandora on the Deepak Chopra station  (i highly recommend for a calming yoga mix) and he said something that resonated with me. he said in the stillness, we see ourselves and the beauty within. sometimes i think its easy to get wrapped up in life’s busyness and we forget to slow down to take time for ourselves but if we don’t invest in ourselves, how can we give back to our loved ones?


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several ways that help me reboot my inner sparkle:

1. yoga – either at the gym or at home, but as long as i can take time to calm my mind and body from the day-to-day stress it helps me rejuvenate

2. cooking a healthy meal – not only does eating healthy help but cooking can also be healing and relaxing

3. grabbing a mag and new nail polish – just this past weekend i went to target and grabbed a couple fashion mag and a new bottle of nail polish. sometimes its the simple things can get you feeling your best.

love, lo

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