inspirational weekend.

by Lauren on April 11, 2014

i absolutely love weekends but what i love more is when they are full of inspiration. this past weekend was just that! i had the opportunity to attend the Go Blog Social conference and then the Pepperologie brunch hosted by Jessie from Style and Pepper. i was completely blown away at both events by the amazing women i met and the inspiration that i was surrounded by. it sounds cheesy but it was great to be around people who were like me in many ways but very different as well. Here are some tid bits from what i learned and some snap shots of the weekend.

photo 5-4photo 4-6photo 1-13photography 101 – Amanda Marie Lackey

1. always shoot your photographs during the day to get natural light. if you do use natural light you won’t need filters on social media. the best time to take a photograph is an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise.

2. use a white clean background when you take photographs to give it a crisp clean look. you can buy a white poster board from a craft store.

3. don’t take photographs in your social media apps on your smartphone but instead use the regular camera on your phone. the quality of the picture will turn out better.


networking online and offline – Nicole from Cedar and Rush

1. socialize. participate in events because it makes you more memorable when people can meet you in person.

2. give back. attend others’ events to support them and if you say your going to show up then actually show up. ¬†give peoples’ events a recap on your blog to give them some press.

3. follow up. send emails after conferences to attendees that you received business cards from. its a nice touch to let them know that you loved meeting them and would like to stay in touch.


thinking beyond the blog – Jessie from Style and Pepper

1. make it a business. if you don’t take your site seriously then others won’t either. once you view your blog as a professional business, it will help you respect yourself and your blog more.

2. make it your own. create content with value that people will want to read. write the content as if its through your lens and incorporates your voice.

3. make an impact. hone in on your cause and make it deeper than just yourself. this will help you fall in love with blogging all over again. and don’t forget to weave your cause into your blogging story.


love, lo

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