why i run.

by Lauren on April 21, 2014

i just started training for my third half-marathon recently and it got me thinking as to why i put in the countless miles on the pavement for just one race day. why do i run? i feel like there are so many reasons as to why i choose to run that it could fill up multiple blog posts. there are just a few reasons that really motivate me to run with all i have. my love/hate relationship with running began with cross-country in high school. i still remember getting up at 5:30 a.m. to go run with the team before school started (this is the hate part of the relationship) but i also remember the dedication and endurance that i learned from it. i truly think this is a skill that has stuck with me into my career.


















let’s fast forward to why i run right now. although running makes me physically feel good, it also makes me feel good mentally. i have never felt so great both physically and mentally than the last time i trained for a half marathon. its empowering to know that your body can run 13.1 miles and that you will survive and maybe even enjoy it.

to be quite honest, running has also helped me get through the death of my mother this past year. it was the most challenging and earth shattering things i have ever gone through. some days i felt like i was just going to crumble and then i got out on the pavement and started running. with every mile, the anger and the sadness drifted away and i was able to see more clearly. i was able to see that i was strong and could get through this. with every minute that passed on my Garmin, i felt like i could slowly make peace with it. i still struggle with my mom’s death and it will always be a part of me but to be able to focus my energy on running, which seems so hard and yet so rewarding, has been an amazing part of my healing. running is my chance to push the boundaries and get to a place where i didn’t think was possible. that is why i run.


















p.s. i will share my training program for the half-marathon soon!

love, lo

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