life with intention.

by Lauren on August 19, 2014

life is meant to be lived with intention and audacity. in a previous post, i spoke about setting intentions – almost like goals except they require bigger picture thinking. i can honestly say after having one of the roughest year’s of my life that my intentions and my core are what kept me grounded and on the right track. even though at times it felt like i was on cruise control, it helped to have guiding intentions that showed me the way even when i couldn’t see it. i thought i would share those intentions that got me through my lowest lows to possibly help anyone who is going through one of life’s major (or minor) challenges. i promise it will get better and by setting intentions, you can be resilient.



professional intentions

develop and devote myself to a career that i am passionate about and find joy in every day

approach each work day with passion and vigor to do my best work every day




personal intentions

find joy in the simple things and surround myself with those things that make me happy

tell my loved ones that i love them every day




‘for fun’ intentions

make an effort to get together with friends that i haven’t seen in awhile

read one book each month about a new subject matter that i know nothing about




love, lo

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