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by Lauren on November 19, 2014

i haven’t done one of these posts in awhile so i thought i would share some Instagrams from what i have been up to lately. it’s been busy over here with baby showers, weddings and work events galore. i think this time of year can be the busiest with everyone trying to cram in everything before the holidays.

holiday decorations. i kind of jumped the gun this year on decorating for Christmas. i usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving but when i saw these adorable decorations from Target, i knew i had to have them. someone really needs to start limiting my Target shopping trips.















red holiday coffee cups. enough said. these things make me extremely happy along with coffee dates and cozy chats with good friends.















sister time. i haven’t seen this little one in a month or two so some sister time was definitely in order. we have perfected the sister selfie.
























Tivol KC. i attended The Diamond Celebration Event at Tivol and enjoyed sipping on some bubbly and trying on beautiful diamonds. i am already eyeing a few pieces for my Christmas list this year. everything is so gorgeous!















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currently reading: eightysixed.

by Lauren on November 6, 2014

do you ever just want it all (your dream job, a beautiful home and a perfect love life) and oh yeah, you want it all now! i feel like this describes us all sometime during our 20’s. it’s a time when we are searching around every corner for who we really are. haven’t found it yet? no worries, its all about the journey in the end. However, the journey can be pretty darn witty and hilarious as Emily Belden describes in her new bestseller book, Eightsixed. i chose to feature Emily’s book because it describes a time in our life that we can all relate to, a time of searching to figure ourselves out. people describe the book as “a comedy of misses” and i couldn’t agree more because i was laughing out loud during multiple parts of the book. next time your in need of a light read, i recommend checking Eightsixed out.

book 2 













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7 days of outfit inspiration.

by Lauren on October 28, 2014

this is the second 7 days of outfit inspiration post. i did this a couple of weeks ago, here and got some positive feedback so i thought i would try another one. i’ve spent my clothing budget for October already (cough* Chicago Trip *cough) so i have had to get creative with what’s in my closet instead of buying new pieces. hopefully with these 7 photos for inspiration you can transform some of the pieces in your closet into new outfits. remember, you don’t have to spend a fortunate to dress well. it is all about buying classic pieces and finding multiple ways to mix and match to create unique outfits.

7 days

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{inspiration} farewell for now.

by Lauren on October 9, 2014

this is farewell until Monday. i am headed to Chicago for Go Blog Social, a blogger conference. i can’t wait to come back and share with you all the great bits of information. i am always so inspired by the people i meet at these conference and the knowledge they share. speaking of inspiration, i thought i would leave with you some fabulous photos to get you through the weekend. talk soon!

tumblr_n9qgryUsHl1r9y3mio1_500 tumblr_nchfhpDQJh1qev1moo1_500 tumblr_nbylzksKLf1rmfv8to1_500 tumblr_nc7sfrSvUq1r25b6lo1_500
























































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blog tour.

by Lauren on September 16, 2014

one of the many things i love about blogging is the awesome community out there, especially in the midwest. for today’s post, i am participating in a ‘blog tour’ where i introduce you to several new bloggers that you should be following for the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. also what’s fun about this blog tour is i get to share a few things that i have been up to lately as well. enjoy!

Catherine from My Inner Fabulous asked me to participate in the blog tour. she is a Minneapolis life and style blogger and seriously has an adorable style. head on over to check out her fab style.




















now a few things that i have been working on lately.




















What am I working on?

lately, it seems the blog fun has been non-stop with emails galore for new opportunities (can’t wait to share!) and prepping for Kansas City Fashion Week which is right around the corner. i can’t wait to attend KCFW for the second time. i had so much fun the first time!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

CFG is all about killer style and fashion and inspiring the every girl to be the best version she can be, yet it also at times gets very real and serious. although i don’t use this blog for my personal diary, i do share a lot of ‘life’ whether its bad or good. i think it makes me standout from other blogs because i am so real with my readers, i hope you all can agree!

Why do I write/create what I do?

i have always been a writer and now that i work in the PR industry, sometimes its all i do. writing to me is calming. there is no pressure, it’s just letting the words flow on the page. blogging for me started as a creative outlet but has now morphed into a bigger part of me. i have made so many wonderful relationships that i couldn’t imagine stopping now.

How does your writing/ creating process work?

that’s a good question because sometimes its there and sometimes its not. i’ve noticed that since i am writing and creating in my day job, it can be hard to come home and be creative here. whenever i need a creative boost i rely on three things: get moving, get outside and get caffeinated. when all else fails, travel and go see part of the world that you have never seen before (or a weekend lake trip works too!).

now i want to introduce you to a few other bloggers who are based in KC. show them some love!

IMG_0645 Edit?


















Morgan of Eeny Meeny Miny MOrgan is a Kansas City life and style blogger, that can always be found with a cup of coffee and a big pair of sunglasses! stylish but simple looks are mainly what you’ll find in her blog posts, where unique outfits and work wear ensembles are featured daily!

blogger 1



















Andrea from Style My Way lives in Kansas City with her husband and three year old son. she shops from your closet, creating before and after looks, loves shoes in an unhealthy way, and is obsessed with styling her son in all the cutest boy clothes she can find!

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7 days of outfit inspiration.

by Lauren on September 9, 2014

who else looks in their closet and complains that they ‘don’t have anything to wear?’ i do it on a weekly basis even though i shop fairly often; however sometimes, instead of buying new pieces all you need to do is repurpose the pieces you already have. breathe some new life into your closet by getting inspiration from the outfits below and recreating them in your closet. i put together 7 of my latest outfit posts for one week of outfit inspiration.

with a busy schedule, i rarely have time to go to a brick-and-mortar store so i usually shop online and wear my favorite pieces many different ways to get the most out of my clothes.
















love, lo